Altamaha River trip.

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    Well, not one of my best but definitely eventful. Started out as a three day trip. Hot is a way to describe it. High 90's air temp and 90 degree water temp. River is low(2.6) and has pulled everything out of the swamps so catching bait wasn't problem. Caught about 40 baits-rebreasts, shellcrackers, bluegills, and crappie up to around 9 inches long.
    Depth finder stopped working. Think it is the cord. No problem, I have fished this area quite a bit. Started fishing about an hour before dark. No bites. Big storm gets close with plenty of lightning and thunder. Just when I am about to pull the rods in and get to a safe spot, I get a bite. Catch a small flathead about 8 pounds. While that fish in is in the bottom of the boat, another rod goes off. Better fish -18 pounds. By this time the storm is right on me with PLENTY of lightning and thunder. I put both fish back, pull anchor but the boat won't start. I let it drift to the bank to get out of the middle of the river. Work on it for a bit then it starts. Move up about two more holes fishing for about an hour at each. End up with another smaller one about 9 pounds. Last hole I sit until dawn but no flatheads.
    Start the boat to make the run to Jaycees. Figure I would move downriver to fish around Altamaha Park to the final two days of my trip. Just north of Dicks Swift, the motor shuts off. It just clicks so I figure maybe the battery must be low. I grab the pull string but it won't budge. Oh boy. Seems the motor locked up. Too far to try to row upstream and not another boat in sight. I start drifting down to Morgans Lake. Figure I would park there then get to Jaycees and come back with the boat/trailer. A man fishing with his son offer to tow me back to Jaycees. After 5 miles I am back there thanking them. Good people.
    Well, had to cut the trip short. Not sure what is wrong with the motor. Trying to decide if a bad night of catfishing is still better than a good day at work...
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    Tough fishing for sure with the outboard.

    From Jaycee down, my evacuation plan is Paradise Landing. Then if below Paradise, Altamaha Park.

    A very lonely place on that river when broke down at night, especially during the week days.

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    Well Bob, that does sounds like a tough trip. Started out good though. I am sorry to hear that your motor cut out on you and that you missed a couple more nights on the river. Glad you met some good folks to help you out.