Altamaha River bait question...

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  1. Cuda-Cada

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    Jacksonville, Fl.
    I have used all kinds of baits upriver and down in the tidewater. I have never used goldfish down in the tidewater before. A good friend of mine who is a great flathead fisherman says he has never really had any luck with goldfish down in the tidewater. Just wondering if anyone here has used goldfish below Altamaha Park and done well with them? Thanks...
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    I have used them just above Altamaha park and Terri caught hers on them. Armycatfish caught multiple using them on limb lines while we were at the gathering down there and did well. I know you are asking about the south end which I cant answer. Just thought I would place a note on it. Havnet chatted in while good to hear from ya.