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    Hello everyone. I am very new to this and was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I do a lot of freshwater and saltwater outside of Jacksonville, but never any Flathead fishing on the Altamaha. What would be the perfect setup as far as rod and reel and what but be the ideal baits to use? Also, where do you get your baits at? Which boat ramp would you suggest putting in at? Jaycee's looks like it's the closest to me. Any advice that everyone could give me would be very much appreciated. Also, I have heard rumors that the bigger flats are full of mercury, is there any truth to that? Again, thanks so much for your advice and remember, any bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work.
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    Jesup, Georgia
    Greetings and Welcome to the BOC. Jaycee landing is a good spot to put in. Not only due to location but security of your vehicle and equipment while your gone. The river is rather full now.... around 9.5 and flowing well. Even with a 5 oz sinker it would be hard to keep on the bottom. Haven't been in the river yet this year. Things are warming up nicely and getting ready. Jaycee is one of the best places to put in by far. Going south of the Jaycee landing is where your going to catch some good fish at.... still learning so cant really point you into any known good areas quit yet. As far as rod set up...... a good med to hvy action rod and good hvy duty spinning reel or bait casting reel with no less than 20# test..... I use 50# braid with a 5.0 oz no roll sinker 18 inch leader and 5 ought circle hook using bream as bait hooked just behind the dorsal fin.

    There is another landing closer to you that is in Everett City between Jesup and Brunswick which has a good landing, bait store and access to some good fishing and that is the Altamaha Fish Camp. I do suggest going North on the river because I have been that way before, it is tidal waters and have to plan your trip well. I have heard going South can be tricky due to it being tidal waters and the ever changing and shifting of the sand bars.

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    First welcome to the BOC.
    I think the only thing that is left to be said is,
    the bigger and older the fish,
    the more toxins they could have.