Alright Night at Cranesnest

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    Me and little buddy semper fi took a quick trip to the cranesnest portion and flanagann monday night and did fairly well considering we only let our bush lines and noodles soak for about 3 hours. caught two nice channels, one about 10lbs, one about 5lbs, but the cat-daddy of the night was a nice little 10-12 lbs, flatty. All 3 fish were caught on some creek chubs, and i must say that the thrill of the night was sittin back up in a cove and watchin a noodle go crazy spastic!!...(which was the smaller channel) but you could definately tell that him and that noodle weren't gettin along to well if ya know what i mean. Got one nice run on a rod with live bait, but past that it was pretty calm. Released all three fish on good terms, you could tell that the channels were just glad to go, but i think the flathead flipped us off right before he headed back home...Gotta love their attitude.