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almost skunked last night

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well, we went to lock 2, had plenty of perfect bream and some 12+ inch eels, fished and caught one blue from around 9:00 to 2:00. man, i hate trips like that. but we kept all the unused bait and i will be in the neuse this week if i gotta get cox towing to come get my boat outa the river. :p
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Man, I can't believe you got up that early this morning. I didn't get to bed until 5am by the time I took a shower and got a snack.
hey guys sorry you did not find hole. i will go this week and mark it with high glow paint. that should help some. i will go around and mark depth for you guys some and take some pics to show you where to go ok. again sorry you didnt find that spot. hope to see you guys soon. if not many show up at lock 1 i think we might end up here at lock 2. i woould rather do it here but is up to them. ok
Joe, the place we were fishing, there was a sign on the left side of the river in a tree or on a pole that had 60 on it. We may not have been in the right place.
Dude there are a lot of deer along 701 between E-town and White Lake. I still got Pringles all over the floor of my truck. LOL!!!
yes we do have a lot of them around here on that highway. you were only 10 miles from the lock where you were at. i will mark the trees around the holes for you. and that way they will be a little easier to locate. if you guys want maybe we can meet here on saturday like i talked about and do a fishing thing. everyone put i $5 for largest fish and do a little mini tourney if you want. dosent look like any are going to be donw at lock 1 like they said they were. but this is up to you guys let em know something. i am game for anything. ok
If you are saying the place we fished was 10 miles from the lock, we probably went 5 more miles past that looking. Was that not the place? We should have gotten there earlier so we could see. I'm not sure about this weekend. I'll let you know.
so far the biggest catfish I caught there was a 21# blue, right there at the ramp bankfishing. I sometimes wonder why I bought a boat. I am sure eventually it will pay off but hasnt yet.
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