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    louisiana, mo
    fished in the tourney sunday and took 3rd place and second on big fish but missed 3hrs of fishen do to livewell pumping into the bilge when we relized what was going on it was almost to late by the time we got the anchor up and to the bank the bow touched ground and the transom went under water called a friend and he came and pulled it up on the bank got the water out and checked the boat out for holes then figured it was the live well by that time it was time to lock back through sure enjoyed meeting everybody i dont think i met you all but all in all it was a good time
  2. Pipe Rat

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    That was no good buddy. One more better fish could've changed everything. You go fishin 200 times with no incidents and the day it counts........? Glad nobody was hurt.

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    IMO, when you've got a bilge that's out of sight and not self-draining, it's a good idea to install a pump with a float there. Untill the water level in the bilge raises the float, the pump isn't running and pulling down your battery. And you don't have to notice the problem and turn it on manually. I think I've seen them at Wal Mart for $20-$25.
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    Great idea Jerry I think I will do that!
    :wink:thanks pappy3
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    At least no one was hurt. And the boat came through it ok. Thats the most important thing.Stay safe out there.

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    glad you guys or OK, that had to be a scary moment for you two. congrats on placeing.
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    i've got one of the float switches in my boat, and there is always power to the switch as it only gives power to the pump once its lifted up by water, it has saved me all of the worries about am i taking on water or not... infact, it saved me once in a similar situation.

    all of a sudden my bildge pump kicked on and kept pumping water out, and about 10 min before that i thought i had heard water running, but didn't pay too much attention to it, cause i had just stopped at my spot and figured that the baitwell had lost some water in the ride over, but when my bildge pump kicked on it was panic time, time to figure out where the water was comin from, and of course it was dark out... well... after about 10 min. of searching found out that the bait well was overflowing, my screen had fallen off cause it was superglued on over the drain hole and a shad and a couple of minnows tried to escape clogging my drain, so water was spillin over right into the bildge... if it weren't for the float switch i wouldn't have known there was a problem till it was too late.

    i recommend getting the float switch, its cheap insurance, its real easy to put in, had mine in in about 10 min, only have to cut one wire.

    position the switch so that it will be activated when the water is around the top of your pump, that way the pump will acutally pump and not just always be runnin, but make sure that it will turn off just before your pump stops pumping, otherwise your pump will keep running, not pumping water, and burn out. then you clip the positive wire going to the pump, should be dark orange, and then you connect both loose ends to the wires on the switch, doesn't matter which wire goes to witch wire, so long as you only connect one clipped wire to one switch wire. then you are done, turn your main switch on, and then lift the float switch till it activates and make sure your pump comes on.

    if you wire it up to always have power to the switch, then when your boat is parked make sure to pull the plug, otherwise whenever it rains and the boat gets water in it the pump will turn on, which will drain a little off the battery that could be used later on on the water.
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    Glad to see everything turned out O.K. Just goes to show you can't let your guard down when you are on the water. Circumstances can change in a hurry.