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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by field989, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. field989

    field989 New Member

    east central indiana
    are these rods any good...

    all i see people using on tv is all star rods....

    are these worth the $$$

    i seen this one guy fishing off shore in the gulf and he had a all star rod and it was bent at a 90 deg. angle

    just curious

  2. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    All star rods are great for bass and red fishing. I wouldn't advise them for heavy catfishing unless thry have one for that. I will admit I have two All Star rods and a Diawa all with Abu 4500's and one 5000 for bass fishing and I love em for that.

  3. ShilohRed

    ShilohRed New Member

    West Tn
    I like them. Been using them for around 20 years.
    And will be replacing a few rods with New All-Stars this year.
    Now I drift fish and need a light rod that can handle the current and a big fish. but still allow me to feel the 2 oz+ sinker as soon as it bumps into bottom.
    There great rods for my kind of fishing I control the drift with a trolling motor and love them for that.
    Now if your only anchor fishing there over kill for that. but if you hold the rod and looking to feel even a light bite there the rod for that.

    I can and do feel a fish pick up the bait in 50+ ft of water and start up with the bait. A lot of other rods you only find out after the line goes slack. and try to catch up with a fish that has picked the bait up. And is swimming toward the top . Its hard to do..

  4. Cheez

    Cheez New Member

    I fish the exact same way you do Pete. Drifting bumping bottom. I use All Star flipping sticks with Abu 6500's. The weight and sensitivity of the rod is everything in this type of fishing. A heavy glass rod will wear you out plus you can't feel the bottom near as well. The fish on my avatar was 31-1/2 lbs.caught on a 7-1/2' Allstar flipping rod in heavy current 60 plus feet deep Tennessee River.
    Allstar is also guaranteed for life. My local dealer charges $15 for shipping and exchanges rods over the counter. I have broken 2 Allstars but it was my fault both times.

    whatever it takes

  5. Katmaster Jr.

    Katmaster Jr. New Member

    Wilmington, NC
    I hear they have good surf rods, never used one myself though.
  6. paleocaver

    paleocaver New Member

    All in all I'd recommend them for the same reasons Pete and Cheez do, they are great for bottom bumping in deep water, especially for holding constantly.

    I broke my first one a week after I got it. Was replaced free from the dealer. My wife broke the replacement 6 years later setting the hook on a small cat. From where it broke, must have been damaged beforehand by me or one of my buffoon friends. It broke at the 1st guide below the eye. I simply added a stainless steel tip and now have a 6'2" stiffy that has done me well.