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    The store bought stuff.We go shopping and every manufacture claims to make the best,whether guns or shells.We shoot a huge variety of both with this many members.From grandpa's favorite,to bought yesterday,what ammo works well for you in what guns.What brand and loads cycle well in your new or old auto loader,pump,bolt action,double,over/under,revolver,pistol or single barrel.What make and model guns & loads works for the young and beginning shooters in the family.How about the older,crippled or handicapped like me in the family?I say store bought as re-loaders and custom made gun owners can adjust to so much that the average person cannot with commercial off the shelf guns and ammo.Examples,the ring settings and the specific shells that reliably cycle your old A-5.What hangs up in your gold,1300,model 12,Beretta,Benelli.H & R,Mossberg,Remington,Savage ,Sears,etc.Rifle,pistol or shotgun.What combo does great for what game and range.I get asked questions like this at times,but being I have not recently bought Ammo or guns,nor done any shooting personally other than 22,I am not much help.My strength is now like a small child's.My 22 ammo is so old it has oxidized and I have to lube it before shooting it to keep the lead from fouling the barrel.The combined knowledge of the BOC should be and could be a tremendous help for many when shopping.Experience always beats speculation!This is what the BOC is all about.Thanks,I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    The only ammo I buy anymore Pee Wee is shotgun shells and rimfire . I like the winchester promo loads in 12 ga 1 1/8 #8 for dove and the same in 7 1/2 for quail. I have a hard time finding Remington steel in size 'T' or 'F' to feed my Ithicamod 37 12 ga. but that is what it shoots best at geese.

    In my rimfire ,i like remington promo 22 in the milk carton,and my 17 HMR ruger likes hornady red tips in this load.

    My old A5 20 likes winchester high brass 1oz #6 for blue quail and high brass 7 1/2 for dove,it wont cycle right with the newer promo loads in 7/8 oz
    and my lil mossberg mod 500 410 eats what ever i feed it but I have better luck downing game with Winchester AA 3" #7 1/2 shot

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    Four Oaks, NC
    Factory ammo has come a long way in recent years. Its alot better then it used to be. I'm satisfied at taking 2 liter drink bottles out at 380 yards 10 out of 10 shots. If I loaded myself I would be so particular it would fall well out of the range of being cost effective.

    I do lot buy. Most times 50 boxes at the time for the .308. More if I can get friends to go in with me for a "price buy".
    I get all the same lot numbers and a reduced price.
    The 700 VS SF loves them Winchester Silver tip ballistic tips in 168 grain.:wink:
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    for doves, quail and rabbits, in mossy 500a, mossy 88, rem 870 mag, win 1300-i use super speed #6 and #7 1/2
    pheasant loads in these guns-#6 or #5 rem express long range if i don't use the .22

    same shotguns, but for ducks, win drylok 3 inch #4 steel

    same shotguns, for geese, win drylok BBB's, 3 inch shell

    marlin model 60 .22 lr, glenfield model 60 .22 lr, marlin model 881 .22 lr- i only use the rem golden bullets in the 'milk carton' (thanks richard, haha)

    my sks rifles like the wolf 123 grain hp's, deer and hog droppers right there.

    weatherby vanguard .30-06 loves those winchester 165 grain softpoints, just the good ol silver box. has the best ballistics of the 165 group in the -06 as far as i know

    ruger super blackhawk hunter likes the handloads i got with it, but also is pretty accurate with the 240 grain jsp's

    ruger p-90 .45 acp loves to eat the rem 230 grain hps, the ones that come in the 100 rd box from wallyworld
    wife's p-97 .45 acp kicks butt with the same load

    ruger gp-100 likes the 158 grain winchester self defense loads for the hogs, also is very accurate with the 158 grain win silvertips

    i have an old .22 mag revolver that couldn't hold a group till a got a box of those remington polymer tipped varmint killers. very nice to shoot now.
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    near that hellhole dallas
    thanks pee weeeeeeeee for a great idea and hopefully will give some BOC bretheren a place to start when searching for a sweet load however i have to add something here. every rifle has its "pet" load. what works great in my rifle may not be the best for his. for example, take two identical rifles of any given caliber... say a mossberg 100 in .30-06, well, mine likes a particular brand and projectile weight... the same caliber rifle in the same make and model may like something entirely different best. its just the way it is.

    i do agree tho that knowing what someone else's sweet round is makes a good starting point when finding their own. will help for sure to narrow down the expensive variety of ammunition one takes to the range with any new rifle.
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    As a former Reloader,I understand 100%.This was mainly for the folks that don't reload and hopefully cut down on the expense of finding workable loads as things are changing so fast and prices rising out of sight for ammo.

    I don't see why good mild favorite hand loads would not be useful.I do believe "hot" loads should be kept to ones self as every firearm is different even with consecutive serial numbers.Let each decide such for their selves as all have different knowledge and experience is the safe road to travel.

    Some of the low brass,low powered shells out of the same box that cycled my A-500G would not cycle some of the newer back bored or over bored guns.Less back pressure to operate the piston with the larger bores? Who knows? Would it do it all in reverse now with the newer shells and powders?

    In my day shells had to cycle A-5's and 1100's,all in 2 3/4 shells.You changed shells instead of chokes to change a pattern as a rule.There were very few chokes that would change or could be changed!

    With the 7 chokes I had with the A-500G,1-cyl,2-imp.cyl,3-mod,4-imp mod.5-full,6-xtra full,7-rifled,I believe that I would have had to buy a minimum of $500.00 worth of shells at todays prices to find what patterns best at each range for all game.Most likely it would cost much more to do it all right.I recently gave my son all my 12 and 20 gauge buckshot.He said it would cost over $100.00 to buy it today.

    Hopefully we can all help out each other.

    It is nice to know if a certain ammo will cycle someone else's auto like yours or fit in the magazine or the shape will cycle or hang up in your brand and model.BEFORE you buy it.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    Indiana, J
    The famous Ill. State Police load in 9mm, Federal 115gr. +p+ HP product code 9BPLE, also used by several agencies.

    Winchester Ranger, 9mm, 127gr. +p+ is what is used in ones who don't use the above.

    Don't shoot these in your old Luger or Hi-power, but any newer guns should handle it Ok.
    They practice with hardball, but carry these loads on the street. For those of you who feel the 9mm is too light for self defense, don't. Ammo is the key.
  8. plainsman

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    Well, about the only advice i can give here is if you have a .22 cal rifle chambered for .22 short, .22 long, and .22 long rifle, shoot only one bullet, short, long or long rifle, since shooting shorts can foul the chamber, and cause a burn ring;. If a long or long rifle is shot later, it can jam. I've got a 1902 winchester bolt action that was so full of lead that I can't hardly extract a spent shell. I've done some cleaning, but still have problems with it.
    I bought some surplus .308 ammo in a combat pack, they are full jacket but I figured would be good for pokin holes in paper. I had some trouble extracting from a remington mod 7600 pump. I took the shell casings down to the place i bought it to show to the gunsmith. He said he wouldn't shoot any more of them in that rifle. I guess they might still work good in the M-14 that they were designed for, but maybe a little overpowered for that particular rifle.
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    Hoxie, Kansas
    For doves I use a 1 1/8th ounce reload of 9 shot, 12 guage. High powered rifles are also fed only reloads. My 243 gets a 100 gr Hornady btsp interlok, my 7 mag get the 139 Hornady btsp.
    Now for bigger loads in my shotguns it get complicated. When I have all the components I reload a 3.5 inch 1&1/4 ounce load of steel bbs at 1730 fps. also use the same load with 2s. Knocks the stuffing out of waterfowl! But sometimes I have to buy ammo and then it's either Remington Sportsman, or Winchester Experts. All in 3.5 inch mags. Through my Benelli Nova these higher speed loads give the best patterns and the longest ranges of anything I've tried.
    My 22s see Federal High velocity hollow points. Accurate and can buy in bulk boxes of 550. that means a lot of shooting for a little money!!!!
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    I have a Mossberg 500 12 ga. with a rifled barrel for deer,I only shoot Hornady sabot`s, SST in 2 3/4. They produce well for me.