All guest please read-Top 10 reasons to join the best catfishing website on the net!

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    All guest reading this,

    The below statements are just a few of the many reasons why you should join the BOC. Registering is very easy and it's FREE! That's right you get all of the great benefits of being a member of the BOC for free, However we do encourage people donating a little money to help out, it's not required though to become a member.

    Anyway, here are my top 10 reasons to join this fine site. If anyone else has anything else they would like to add, just post it below.

    #1-There is no other like it on the net!

    #2-It is a gold mine of catfishing info as well as many other types of fishing information.

    #3-It's got the best folks, not only on the internet, but in the world!

    #4-We have members from all over the world!

    #5-Members always are willing to share all info they know about catfish, and will go out of their way to help you.

    #6-When you need a prayer, or need some advice on something, everyone is there for you, and care about you just as you were there brother or sister.

    #7-You will make a bunch of new friends!

    #8-The BOC will actually make you feel better inside, the atmosphere is very friendly!

    #9-Yes it's true, there is finnaly one place you have found that everyone has something in common with, the fine sport of catfishing!

    #10-You're sure to have a great time!

    A round of applause to Paul and the mods for making the BOC the "#1 catfishin' hole on the net"

    And guest when you register tell them that little old "Katmaster Jr." sent

  2. Katmaster Jr.

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    Wilmington, NC
    Oh yeah we definitely like to do that to, all in fun though.

    And I forgot to put the Caution label on it also "Site is very addictive"

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    And we have gatherings around the country, camp, fish, meet the people in person you've been talking too. It's a family, I like some of these people better than some of my own family.
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    Somerville, Tennessee
    Oh I almost forgot, watch out for this Arlington guy he doesn't even like his own family. And he's always starting trouble! LOL
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    Wilmington, NC
    I second that! LOL
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    There a group of Mods here that will join in the fun and guide you through the world of catfishing - a collection of personalities that will support you when you need it but let you know when you step over the line!

    They(the Mods) are the most active brothers on this site and wait for your PM and help you all they can because they are the backbone to the success of Brotherhood of Catfishermen!!!!

    What can anyone say but: "Your going to love this place!" "Best CATFISHING experience anywhere!"
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    I don't like the ones that come on here & joke around. This is a serious FISHING SITE & should be treated as one. I sure am glad this site doesn't do things like make fun of one another, issue silly challenges & post edited (doctored) pictures of each other. :wink:
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    Dear visiting guest,

    Although Catfishing is our collective cause here, there is much more to the site than the wealth of catfish info.

    OTHER FREE SERVICES available on this membership-optional website:

    *Tackle and equipment review
    *Boat and motor repair advice and how-to
    *DIY plans for just about anything from garage rod storage racks to bait traps and much much more
    *Pictures and videos
    *A comprehensive library of critical information about the sport
    *Honey Holes and Sweet Spots around the country
    *Location maps to find out how many BOC guys live near you
    *Giveaways and auctions
    *Advice, both humorous and serious
    *ATV and ORV advice, reviews and repair
    *Computer advice and repair
    *Chat rooms
    *State-specific rooms for those of you who want to meet local fishing partners.
    8Special topic areas such as NASCAR, Football, Hockey, Basketball, and Ultimate Fighting, and Wrestling
    *Advanced advice and editorials from some of the most skilled and nationally lauded Catfishermen in the country and around the world
    *Group gatherings, Regional gatherings, and National Gatherings that are welcoming and safe for the whole family.
    *Encourages family values and the maritime education of youth
    *Encourages safety and preservation of your favorite areas and species
    *Reputation ratings of each member that tell you the guest the history of the person addressing your issue and wether you are recieving sound advice from a reputable source.

    I could list probably a hundred reasons why I have benefitted from this group of FANTASTIC men and women, 99% of whom Ive never met first hand but will always have a boat seat open for them on my vessel.

    Nobody will make you stay and nobody will run you off. Just see it for yourself in your time. Although my opinion on many things differ when it comes to the outside world, each and every one of these people have been as a family to me- fulfilling my definition of a brotherhood beyond my strictest expectation and standard, and we all sacrifice to help others in need.

    Welcome! Stay a while.

    If you have a chance, come to a gathering or a local get-together. When the homemade foods, warm conversation, and respectable family experience shows itself to you and shines, then make your determination as to what this place is about.

    Salvatore D. Palombo Jr,
    A PROUD Member since June 2004.
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    keep recruiting Zakk, hope to fill up the campsites at the national gathering.