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    Due to my past endeavors with this man-made lake, i have considered that my fishing skills have fallen to an all time low this year, not even catching a single fish! Very true
    During my spring break, i mentioned that we got to get in a boat and fish. Totally dead the lake was that day.
    Well since Spawning season was happening around that time we figure we would catch some type of fish but instead we ended up throwing fritos out on the water as chum. (How Pathetic). Anyways, Since winter, my favorite season, is coming up i figure me and my dad will do more fishing i hope. Of course as i mentioned in previous times, Dad, lazy, so on so forth.
    Anyone have any ideas for the winter season comin around with all the lakes and stuff? Not just Alatoona! My main turf is Lake Acworth so if you have info there that would be awesome thanks!:cool2:
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    Sorry to hear about your fishing woes buddy I wish ya the best of luck this winter :big_smile:

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    GEt you some TNT. Seems to work one TV:big_smile:
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    Alatoona is fantastic for fall and winter fishing. Drift 3 to 5 inch live bream under a float. fish 20 to 25 foot deep and work the edges of the humps and along deep banks early in the day or all day if overcast and cloudy. My best striper there was just over 16 pounds but there are much bigger ones around. You will also catch hybrids and now and then big spotted bass. Get a good map of the lake and you will find the humps
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    I dont know jeff,i used to live in woodstock before i moved to south carolina.We used to call that lake the dead sea!!lol If you ever wanna hook into some nice kitty head up this way.