Alamo lake My Favorite How About Yours?

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARIZONA TALK' started by shadman65, May 21, 2007.

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    This my favorite water for crappie, bass and channel cat...It's a primitive area much like area 51 but it fits my style I guess. Rarely crowded, lots of locals who share tips and best of all tons of cats in late spring as water heats up.

    I also enjoy fishing the shorelines in two to three feet of water where much of the time you will find the cats. It is a blast as you fight a 5 pounder along a weed line heading for cover. Many times they will break water....its a rush as you turn the cat around. My recent 6 week adventure must have yielded at least 400 cats mostly in 2 to 4 lb range but with dozens 5 lbs and over.
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    yeah alamo was my favorite for a long time. The reason I changed my mind is because of the fish advisory for the lake. i guess the mercury level in the fish is high enough for AZ game and fish to post it. I guess it is sriouse enough for them to linit the amount of fish we can eat from there, and with some fish have a "DO NOT EAT" labled for them. I don't know if that bothers you but it kind of bothers me since I eat alot of what I catch. I have put my focus on Lake Pleasant since then and now that I have found my "honey holes" it is my favorite.