Alabama Catfish Limit Law

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    In case you guys dont read the main forum I wanted to post this here also. A 34" limit law will be voted on at the next CAB meeting in Eufaula on May 17th!

    We still need more signatures on the Alabama Catfish Limit petition, so please sign your name if our support our cause.

    We will be compiling more information for our campaign for Alabama catfish. I would ask if anyone would like to write a letter to the CAB Members please do so. Letter writing was highly encouraged by the board memebers we talked to. If you are would like I can help you out writing one. Addresses to the CAB members can be found here:
    It would be awesome if a letter were sent to each member; it can even be the same letter. If you don't want to mail a letter to each member then I will be more than happy to present it to the Board for you if you send the letter to me instead.

    Thanks to everyone that has been supporting us so far!

    Allen Neuschwander