AKwolf41 is planning on making a Move back to Alaska

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  1. akwolf41

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    Kenai, Ala
    Well Gang;

    Ole Mean Gene, aka Ole Wolfie, aka Old Man; aka Gene Chambers
    has decided to go Back to Alaska.. My wife Helen and I have been talking about this for the last 3 or 4 years and a few months ago decided
    that if we wanted to go back so bad, That we just had best do it. We miss Alaska and have since moving down here to Arkansas the April of 2003. I Joined the BOC in April of 2003 and it has been "HOME" for me ever since. One of the first thing we had to do was to find someone to Take Wild Wolf Products and make it a bigger and better operation than I made with it. I have found the Couple to continue on with the Wild Wolf Products Operation and remain a Sponsor on the BOC. It was very hard to make the decision to sell the operation as it was kinda like my Baby. But I have Sold to a Couple that a lot of you all know here on the BOC, Pete (Shilohred) and his Wife Marilyn Kildow. The Kildows are Members and a couple that I am Proud to Call Great Friends to take this Business and run with it. You all setting there in the computer Chair just go to the Wild Wolf Website and give them an order for your Fishing need. Remember them Big Blues will feed all Winter. I will make a Post on the Wild Wolf Products Threads in a Bit.

    More posting about our move to Alaska Later.

    Thanks to All of you Great BOC People;

  2. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    Gene Old buddy your sure going to be missed. And you can bet we will get up there to see you.

  3. ozzy

    ozzy New Member

    Lost Wages
    Keep in touch Gene! Sounds like the Co. is in good hands.
  4. fishnfwl

    fishnfwl New Member

    South Cent
    Congratulations to both you Mr. Gene, and to you Mr. Pete, May both your endeavors be great successes! Gene I surely do appreciate the great service you had while running WF, and I am sure it will be just as good with the new owners, again Congrats to the both of you, and nothing wrong with swapping in a 30 # kitty for a 300 pound flat fish :big_smile: Good Luck to you all......
  5. Nanny_cat

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    Chattanooga, Tennessee
    Old friend Wolfie, you and Helen deserve the very best and we are happy that you two are going to be able to go home to Alaska. But, at the same time, it leaves a big lump in our throats. Jimmy and I can only hope that we can somehow see ya'll again in person some day. Neither of us can tell you in words how much your friendship means to us. There just aren't any words to express that Gene. We also know how much "your baby" has meant to you and your products have made many people happy, including us. Pete (aka Leroy) and Marilyn will be wonderful caretakers of Wild Wolf Products and we wish them the very best too. One thing for sure, you have passed the torch to two most wonderful people who will make you proud.

    FYI, Jim says we will swap you some catfish for some salmon.LOL Just kiddin ole buddy. We love ya'll Gene.
  6. Catpaw

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    Central Cail
    The best of luck to you gene & helen on your move back to alaska..Am sure pete and his wife will continue to run a first class operation just like you did.
  7. bw69r

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    West Newton, PA
    you will be missed.
  8. bud1110

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    East Texas
    Mean Gene,

    You sure are going to be missed by all the BOC my friend. You have been a good friend to everyone and I for one, want to thank you for everything you have done. You are certainly gonna be missed at all these Gatherings.

    I hope you and Helen have a safe move back Home and continue to make posts on the Boc. I'm sure that you have put your Business in good hands with Pete and Marilyn.and I wish them great success.

    Don't be a stranger...

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Gene, Wish ya nothin but the best while ya are "CHASEIN SARAH PALIN" LOL! Thanx for all you've done,

    Pete. Ya got a good product here. Don't screw it up. LOL! Wish ya great success with your venture.

    DAM! Here we are talkin like the man is takein a dirt nap. I know they got internet service up there.:cool2:
  10. MRR

    MRR New Member

    Have only met you twice and now your leaving.Gee Mr Gene I already miss you and your not even gone yet.:sad2:
    I know the WFP is in good hands with the new owners .Congrads on a new adventure.
    Have a safe trip back to Alaska.Gene you get back up there( Now you can run for Governor) of Alaska. :wink:
  11. CuzICan

    CuzICan New Member

    Fayetteville, A
    I am glad I got to meet ya at the gathering, and while I am happy you are getting to go back to Alaska, you will be missed. Take care of you for us.
  12. CountryHart

    CountryHart New Member

    Your the kind of man a fellow don't forget Gene. I wish ya'll the best and hopefully Pete and his wife will take the ball and run with it. Good luck to both of ya'll in these new endeavors.
  13. Bubbakat

    Bubbakat New Member

    Gene, You ole goat. Y ou will be missed at the gatherings. But now they do have electricity and cable in Alaska so get back on the board once in awhile.
    As for your business its like Allstate now also its in good hands.
  14. whisker maniac

    whisker maniac New Member

    Gene we sure are gonna miss you here in arkansas and we will miss you at the gatherings.

    ..... and I know Cass will miss giving you those haircuts at the gatherings.:smile2:

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  15. catfishcentral

    catfishcentral New Member

    Hey Gene didn't anyone tell you it cold up there in Alaska and it dark half the year....oh ya you lived there before. Hoping you and the Mrs. enjoy the move back to Alaska. Don't forgot to post every once in awhile...I'd like to see some pics of you new diggs along with some fresh caught salmon shipped to my address. :smile2: Take Care Sir.
  16. jtrew

    jtrew New Member

    Little Rock, AR
    Ain't that gonna make a heckuva long drive to make the Arkansas gatherings? Seriously, you're gonna be missed, and not just at the gatherings. And your business is going to a couple of super great people. However, you are NOT being relieved as one of the official 'pot stirrers' on the BOC, so we'll expect to continue reading your posts, even when they have ice sickles on them. Best of luck on your move back to Alaska.
  17. Phil Washburn

    Phil Washburn New Member

    Shawnee OK
    Gene, that is bad news for us in the lower 48, but you and the better half go where your heart takes you. we are certainly going to miss you. and i am sure you couldn't have found a better man to take over your business. i am certainly going to remain a customer. after all, Pete knows how to make the best hushpuppies in the world! i know that because you made some for me using that recipe at keystone:big_smile:

    best of luck to you and Pete both, and may God bless.
  18. arkrivercatman

    arkrivercatman New Member

    Good luck with the move Gene. I hope it all goes smoothly. Stay in touch!
    Good luck Pete with the new business. It shouldnt be hard, good products sell themselves.:wink:

    CNTRYBOY New Member

    Benton, Ar
    Gene- I done made one post in the other thread , but there can never be enough said! You are going to be missed a aweful lot. Not having you at the Arkansas Gatherings doing your demo's of your products will greatly be missed. I hope you and the wife have a safe trip there and can find your way back down for a visit! If you decide to make a trip back down, there will always be a bed and a place to relax at our house for you!!!

    Keep us informed and keep us in touch while back in Alaska! And if god willing, maybe we (myself and angelkitty) will get up your way and see ya sometime.

    Mr. Chambers Sir, your prescence will be missed!
  20. Sunbird

    Sunbird New Member

    Sandy Run,
    Gene, yes you are mean and all that stuff! I enjoyed our talks and am sorry for how crazy I may have made you. :wink: I know Red will make you proud, after all you created a quality product. I enjoy using the bobbers and thanks for telling me how to use them. I hope you enjoy Alaska and all it offers. I hope to one day come on up and take that trip we talked bout, and if you ever venture back south, way south, look me up. I would love to introduce you to the greatest catfishery in the world. It really does rock!
    Take care, Jonathan Rambo missflattie@gmail
    P.S. Does your wife know you like the Gov.? You dog! :smile2::smile2::smile2: