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    Just curious of what air stone might be good and where your getting them from. Always looking for a good deal. I usually have a couple on the bottom of my livewell. just recently seen one that will fit on the end of my inlet line. I'm going to try it in my bait tank. Always looking for something to improve on that will help with keeping the bait alive longer. I got a habit of being out on the water for 24 hrs + at times and it's nice to be able to not have to worry about it.
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    On one bait tank design I used a few feet of that old soaker hose that my wife bought and never used due to the watering restrictions during the drought, that worked pretty good but I found that a good 12 volt air pump cost more than a good 12 volt bilge pump. What ever you use the smaller the bubbles the more dissolved oxygen you get. Another option is use a bilge pump and run a small piece of tubing with a aquarium air valve attached to the top of the bait tank down in front of the intake on the bilge pump so that the water going into the pump helps pull air down the tubing and gets chopped up by the impeller and mixed with the water to dissolve the max amount of oxygen. This is similar to the Keep Alive Aerators.

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    right now, im using 2 18" bar stones in my bait tank ( chest freezer). my bait shop guy is ordering me 2 8" disc type ones pretty cheap ($7 each).

    ive got the same setup that he uses for live bait, and he told me he likes the disc ones MUCH better..
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    hey i sel bait and will tell you up font the best stone is not always the cheap stone you need to use a stone with the way to reproduce the smallest bubbles because they go into the water faster then big bubbles bobs bait