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    I would appreciate any help on the selection of barrel cock air rifle. I would like something that is 1000 fps or greater. There seems to be a bewildering choice of rifles starting at about $90 and going up to $500. I don't plan to use this rifle in competition but rather for target shooting for pleasure. My question would be, I guess, is the Beeman really worth that much more than a Crosman Quest? The RWS Diana 34 cost roughly twice as much as a Crosman Quest 1000 or a Phantom 1000 with what seems to be the same performance. Is the 34 twice as good a rifle as the other rifles? I would like some opinions on the best rifles for the money in the 1000 to 1200 fps range. Thanx Charlie
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    The 1000 fps are hunting guns.If you will look up the expensive target guns,you will find that they all are med to low speed.They are more accurate as they also are in BB,rim fire and center fire competition.I have the Gamo Shadow 1000 along with 8 other pellet and BB rifles/pistols.I have liked the Chinese under barrel and side lever guns also for plinking and hunting.The Daisy Red Ryder lever action BB gun was the practice and target gun to keep you on the ball for using the lever action hunting rifles of the day in hunting season.BB's are way cheaper to shoot than pellets too.I don;t know what you have now.I know at 62,I still enjoy shooting the Daisy Red Rider and have for the last 56 years.Every one else always enjoyed shooting it too.Some of the best that I have ever seen enjoyed it.For serious target,buy the best that you can afford.If you are just going to plink,I have as yet to beat a BB gun for fun.I have often pulled it out on request from avid adult shooters when there were 60+ rifles and pistols to choose from.I am still trying to find out who borrowed it last!I want it back!I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee

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    Charlie, I have a daisy 1000s ,bought it at walmart. I'm happy with it and the only drawback was the 3x9 scope with it ,other than that its a peach,i'm getting 3/8s or better groups from 15 yds
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    id stay away from the barrel cock guns. if you want something good check into a sheridan blue steak in .20 cal. pump. you will like it and its a gun your great grand children will be able to have. thyr about $140 at pyramid air .com. i love u too peewee:smile2:
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    Muddy Cross, Virginia
    RWS and Beeman R-series guns are well worth the money. The triggers, quality and accuracy are far superior to daisy, crosman, est. Daisy and crosman tend to stretch the truth with advertised velocity. spend the little extra money and you will MUCH happier. oh yeah..if you decide on a gamo, the only one worth shooting is a CFX. check out i have learn TONS about air rifles there. everything from bb guns to high end PCP airguns. good luck
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    Hey Folks,
    First time poster and I just happen to see this discussion. I've own a Beeman C-1 in 177 cal. for 20 + years and have harvested many a rabbit with it. Head shots only! They drop like bricks.
    good luck,