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    Was their any majors problems with the older air cooled out boards,
    Have a project I'm thinking about, will need a small motor like, 5 to 10 horse.
    Also who made them besides Sears or should say sold them. and how big, did they make them. was fuel consumption about same as water cooled.
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    Briggs and Stratton still makes a 5hp air cooled outboard. I have one for my 14 foot aluminum boat and it moves it along just fine. It's pretty loud (about like a lawnmower) but other than that it has been reliable, is very good on gas and it's a 4 stroke so no premixing oil and gas. Anyone that services Briggs and straton engines can servie the outboards as well.

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    If the Briggs and Stratton outboard engine is half as tough as the many B&S lawn mower engines that I have abused (and I know of no reason why the engines wouldn't be the same) the outboard should last many years...without very much maintenance!

    I had a 2 HP Honda air cooled outboard motor that was great for many reasons.
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    Yep, Briggs makes the 5hp ones. They just recommend not using it in brackish or salty water (which makes them worthless for almost everywhere I hunt and fish). I have heard really good things about them. Plus no water pump to worry about, and just about anybody can work on one or knows somebody who can (for cheap). Should be really good on gas too! If they would put some corrosion protection on them they would be perfect for trotlining crabs around here, all that idling and such.
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    when i first bought my little boat it had a 5 hp tomos motor on it .i couldnt find any info on these but it had a battery charger on it but was a pull start .hope this helps
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    Some of the Sears outboards had air cooled power heads but water cooled underwater exhaust.I had one.They were a lemon as the hot exhaust ruined everything in the lower unit including the water pump which apparently could not pump enough water to cool anyything enough.You could not even keep a water pump in them and you waited 6,yes 6 months for warranty work due to the part wait.I got about 3 weeks use out of mine before the warranty was out and a"sorry about that".I knew two of the Sears maintenance men since childhood.They assured me that all had this problem.I would stay away from this type Sears outboard.

    Also,make sure that you can get parts!

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee