Aint Got to Fish Yet!

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARKANSAS TALK' started by Arkie55, Jun 9, 2007.

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    Well, I made it to the river bright and early this morning. Put the boat in the water, parked the truck, and got ready to fish. Wouldn't you know it, the motor was very hard to start and I didn't make it 200 yards up river before she started acting up. I knew or thought I knew what the problem was but didn't have the right tools with me to correct the issue. Back to the boat ramp, load the boat and pull her home. Spent a couple of hours working on her. My float was stuck closed. I had started the motor in the yard with the muffs and I guess when I pumped her up, something must of have went through the fuel pump and stuck the float. While I was in there, I went ahead and gave her a good cleaning and put everything back together. I am charging my starting battery now. Yes, I tested her out and now she runs smooth as silk. Headed back to the river in about an hour. I almost ran my starting battery down while at the river this morning. Anyway, everything is loaded and ready to fish. All I have to do now is get back to the river. I sure did miss a perfect morning.
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    Aww thats rough sry bout your luck but today not over yet maybe the bad part is gone and nothing but Greatness ahead =)

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    Been there,done that this year. Put in motor ran just over a idle speed. Had gunk in carb. Hope you get some fish to day. You been trying for a day or two.
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    No boat runs correct if let to set for awhile. I tey to run mine each week but not always can!
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    Since I started using "Stabil" fuel treatment and stabilizer, I haven't had to pull a carburetor off of anything since. I run a little of it in every tank and in the winter when the weed eater, mower, or boat will be setting for several months I will put in about 3 times the amount than normal to keep the gas fresh and from gumming up. It gives these directions right on the bottle. I run 6 month old gas every spring just fine in my engines.