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    Have I got a fish storey. It may not be as funny to you but it is to me.Yesterday/last night august 12 me,my little bro.Lonnie and my beautiful girlfriend Lilly went to our favorite fishin hole....what we call"THE WALL" it is part of lock 19 in Keokuk.Our canoe trip went sour because we got alot of rain north and the DesMion raised so we decided to go in search for Moby-Cat...We left at dusk and I usualy dont set two polls up there because I have had some prety wild experiences that are more storeys but I have caught some nice fish there to 20-25 have pics on my wall of shame in my grage and some day I want to put them up for yas to see but I am slow at learning this coumputer stuff......any way we was up there awhile and I set the second poll up tied her off ,set my trusty clicker and walked upto the corner to reload miss kitty(FAVORITE FISHIN POLL) on my way back I heard it ....that sweet sound of thee I ran down to Ole Jr. witch is bout 20-25 feet away but by the time I got him untied we noticed a slight line 120 test mind you went fror a swim along with my fish....needless to say I was sayin all kinds of chioce words when my sweetheart yelled a few chioce word to get my butt back up the wall to her she had my line and fish,so my bro tied his poll off and come runnin to help us out....WE COMMENCED REDNECK OPPERATION DONT LOOSE THY KITY Lonnie grabbed the line while me and Lilly untangled it to retie it on my poll so we could get this fish.It felt BIG and we didn't want to loose it .I got alll back in the saddle fought it hard and well ...and I tell you it was one of the bestess I have ever had.When I got it to break and we landed it it was only 3-5 lb,a nice fish but no trophy.You would of had to be there and understand the lay out of "THE WALL" in order to appreciate this but There is a moral to this storey to....Behind every good man there is a good woman....I dont know if I am a good man but my lady saved me once again and I want all of you fellas to listen to mama once in awhile....... Ofcourse you could look at it this way to...How many rednecks does it take to get one lil kittyfish in ?hmmmmmmmm one does wander huh?