Aint a prayer but some poems ...hope they help

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    -Hook, Line And Sinker
    I have always wondered what it means
    when someone using oral means
    says something so colloquial
    that it is understood by all
    except us foreigners of course
    yes language, it is such a force!

    A lady fishing from the bridge
    her husband though had climbed a ridge
    they were in heated competition
    and liked the thought of going fishing.

    A tug was felt along her line
    at first she felt she should recline
    and pull until the fish came out
    it probably would be a trout.

    It did not work and hubby yelled
    about the way his sweetheart held
    the fishing pole, she called him 'stinker'
    then she fell in, hook, line and sinker.

    Herbert Nehrlich

    -Sometimes Fishing
    We never really talked.
    Brief questions re cups of tea, meal preferences, or bodily aches and pains.
    Even briefer answers.
    Monosyllabic grunts, nods of head, shrug of shoulders or wrinkling of nose
    Very little communication,
    But - sometimes fishing - he smiled at me.

    We rarely went out.
    I'd have liked a movie, a meal in a restaurant, a social evening.
    He liked TV.
    Cowboys and Indians. Cops and robbers. Spy versus spy.
    Some comedies.
    We stayed home.
    Rarely went anywhere except - sometimes fishing.

    There seemed little love.
    No hugs except with sex, no little love-words, no pet names or tender touch.
    He thought there was no need

    A Poem of Hunting, Fishing, and a Truck

    To express these things, to speak out loud the love he felt and knew was true
    Whether it showed or not.
    But - sometimes fishing - we were in tune.

    After thirty years I left.
    Left my house full of things, my garden, my cat, my dog, my security.
    I walked away
    And found new places, gardens and friends, self-esteem, freedom, independence,
    After much pain.
    Nowadays - sometimes fishing - I think of him.
    She never understood me.
    Never knew my hopes and dreams, what I might have done, or what I might have been.
    I kept it quiet.
    Why take her thoughts from kids and food, and clothes to wash and how to pay the bills?
    Her little world.
    But - sometimes fishing - I'd feel she knew.

    I loved my home.
    A few beers, the box, the kids, the dog and cat, and the fire on a cold night.
    What more could a man want'
    I had no wish to get dressed up and make polite talk with her relations.
    But we did go out,
    When the tide was right - sometimes fishing.

    No, I never talked of love.
    What point in pretty words, pet names, sweet nothings or lovey-dovey phrases?
    She knew I loved her.
    I didn't need to put in words the things I felt deep down inside my heart.
    What to say? I had no words.
    But - sometimes fishing - I smiled at her.

    And then she left me.
    Left my love, the home I'd built for her, the animals, the lovely garden.
    She walked away - no turning back.
    I was left with empty house and loneliness, nothing to do, nowhere to go.
    Except - sometimes fishing. what else is left?

    Tamaso Lonsdale

    He goes for fishing everyday
    Lucky man who catches without baits too.
    Sometimes back home with empty hands.
    He never goes to deep seas
    He sees the kind enemies and cruel friends' livelihood.

    nimal dunuhinga

    Fishing is my favorite stress relief
    it helps you keep the belief
    that better days will come along.
    They will help you feel like you belong.
    Fishing helps you relax when your down
    it helps you turn any frown around
    but you cannot make a sound
    or they will swim down never to be seen again.

    Jordan Antrim

    Id like to thank poem hunter for these magnificent poems
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    Thanks Ryan I enjoyed the poems. Thanks for sharing with the BOC. Looking forward to more.:big_smile: