Ahh, why can't he net it

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    I usually fish alone and have landed catfish up to 30lbs holding the rod in my left hand and either netting it or grabbing it with my right. I have done the same for large carp, losing a fish with my method is extremely rare. However, I have been fishing with a friend who is new to fishing and he cannot listen. He is 19 so I wish he would just settle down, but last night I could have beat him. 2 days ago I hooked into a grass carp easily over 30lbs, I have been fishing for it for a long time. When it got to the bank he SWUNG the net at it, the fish was not even tired yet. Long story short he gave the fish slack it got loose and I jumped in to grab it, had a hold but it managed to escape. That was bothersome and I did not blame him, it would be ok. But last night he did the same, on a completely different situation. I have been fishing for the large catfish and that night I had a few 10lb channels and 13 faltheads. The around 8:30 the 8 foot rod doubled and 45 lb line began to peel off. The fish was hugging the bottom and I knew it was big. It ran parralell to the shore and I caught up with it. Its size dwarfed the 42 in flathead, this was a trophy blue. No sooner could I say lee don't he's not tired, my helpfull friend lunged with the net hitting a big fish on the tail, the fish surged and my friend GRABBED THE LINE, to keep it from escapong. Then he said give me the rod you net it, my feet got wet. He grabbed at the rod and then the line. No sooner did he do that , my line popped, or what I thought was my line. The swivel attached to the brand new steel leader snapped. It looke mangaled, and it was fresh from the package rated to 35 lbs. I never thought the swivel would be my weak point. I did not blame him because he is new to the sport, but my anger was immense. Losing a fish that size in the local duckpond. It could have been the same 55 lb blue a man caught last year there, but I will never know.

    Not to mention, on Fri. he missed the grass carp with a smaller rubber net and blamed the net. So yesterday I bought the biggest net there was, and he missed the big blue with it.
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    Sorry to hear about the one's that got away. But I think you're doing the right thing by not getting upset with the kid. He's learning right now and sounds to me that maybe you should take a little extra time with him and prep him by discussing what you should and shouldn't do. Sounds like you're his teacher and he's the student, so grab the chalk and go back to the chalkboard. You'll be glad you took the extra time with him in the long run. Good luck brother!:)

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    RamRod is right I agree. But after that talk with him, you know going over the basic's of landing a big fish. If he does it again throw him in after it! LOL I bet he'll learn then. LOL
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    Its hard to loose fish like that. I agree that speaking with him is a good idea. Hopefully he will be open to the idea. Otherwise you may want to have a custom 60" net made. lol
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    everyone learns through trial and error at there own pace but the main thing to remember is fishing is about fun too..imagine what will happen when he finally listens to your advice and lands a monster..who's gonna be more excited him or you?...and if that don't work land him with the net
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    Man, tough story.

    I began fishing some tournaments with a friend this year and we had not previously fished together. No problems. I followed the Tred Barta way and told him in advance exactly how I planned to land a fish, including where to be and what to do if he was netting or reeling. Discussing all of this in advance is a good thing so everyone knows their job.

    Landing four pound fish is easy, but big fish are another story. The good thing is that you can practice with your partner on those smaller fish because the basic form is the same, minus of course the fight. It gives each of you a chance to go through the paces of what you need to do and where you need to be.

    IT WILL GET BETTER. Keep teaching him.
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    Talk to him? At least! Maybe get his attention first with a 2x4. It's not just about improperly netting a fish; that's just a matter of providing him with the proper knowledge. But if he WON'T LISTEN? I'm not sure I want to be in the same boat with him. On a lot of the waters I fish, a guy who doesn't know what he's doing AND won't listen stands a good chance of getting himself killed, or me killed, or both. Learning proper techniques for anything is best done when a mistake doesn't matter that much; use the smaller fish to practice proper netting techniques till it becomes something done without having to think about it.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Education is the best method. If that fails can you say "ASS WHOOPIN" LOL!
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    Aint' that the truth. I've been fishing w/ my son for 5 years now and he finally gets it. He's 13 now. Just this morning I had to remind him about keeping the line tight and not giving a huge pull then letting the line slack to reel the fish in. He's good on the net, but still needs casting and landing help.

    It has gotten better, but there are times......

    I'm hoping by the time he's 15 or 16 he'll be able to read the river and maybe even learn how to pilot the boat.
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    I have always said it's better to call a spade a spade, and not soft soap it by calling it a diamond. Your upset with him... let him know. Give him a broadside. It is a sure fact he will not learn any younger and if he has gone this long, you will have to get his attention. Don't hide your feelings, what he is doing is human, and what your doing is human also. BUT, be prepared to loose more big fish under similar circumstances. He has got to be told.
  11. Larry

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    Show him how its done!!!! There are NO bad students. Just bad teachers (not saying that your a bad teacher, but the responsibility to educate your new partner in your boat or location is on you)
    Yea give him the pep talk. But people do not know how to use a net untill they see someone use the net first. (watching it on T.V. doesnt count)
    From now on tell your partner "No offense but when I hook a biggin, I will
    need you to do the following.
    0. Take a deep breath stay calm.
    1. Reel up your line ASAP>
    2. Get the net and stand back out of the way untill I request that you hand me the net.
    3. do not touch anything or do anything untill I tell you.
    4 When the time is right. and the fish is as ready as it will ever be to be landed. Show him how YOU net fish. Once he sees it done correctly a few times he should be good to go.

    The only catch is.......... you need to be on the ball to call the shots, (While landing your fish)

    New fisherman are like puppies. You need to keep calm and in control in the high test situations, When they sense your excitement They will in turn get all excited and pee all over everything when you hook a fish. They don't know any better the've only seen it done on TV.

    It might help the learning curve if you bring one of your more experienced partners so he can see how 2 work as a team to get big fish in.

    The big thing is communicate while your trying to land the fish.
    Good Luck

    P.S. I've been around the block with this one.

  12. HHinNC

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    Maybe get him to think about how he would feel if that fish had of been his, and subsequently got away due to bad netting technique. After further instruction....maybe let him practice with the net on the smaller fish (even though netting is not needed) until he get's it right. You may even have to show him when he is catching a fish. Good luck, and I hope he can learn from you. (and sorry about the big'n that got away...I've had some nice ones knocked off in tournaments and I can feel your pain)
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    Larry is absolutely right about showing newbies how its done.

    But go a step further and explain why your doing things the way your doing them.

    He needs to be told that when you put the net on top of a fish it spooks them and they will use whatever they got left to run. And, that a fish always has the advantage of being able to swim down and out when the net is coming in from on top of them. Whereas if you put the net under the fish, they have nowhere to go but into the net when they try to escape.
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    I am 19, but I know what you are saying. I went to school with him so we are friends and I wouldn't make him feel bad. But now it will be harder to focus in class, I will be thinking big fish, out there, got to catch him. I showed him examples on the smaller fish after the lost carp, and landed a few of his. The net was got for the exclusive purpose of avoiding a repeat. Anyways, now I have motivation to fish this pond more often, it is 7 acres and has produced 2 catfish 30 + (One landed) 3 landed carp over 20, a bass around 5lbs in a cast net, and a guy last year banked a 48 lb blue. I have a feeling with time and patience I will find that fish again and get him in. Bought 1/0 barrel swivels today and with the 45lb line a 8 foot rods I should be ready to go.
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    Ohhh.... you're both 19? Shoot, I'd give him a serious tongue lashing about grabbing your fishing pole during battle, and show him how to use then net, and THEN if he still doesn't listen, I'd smack him around a little if he screwed it up again. ;) In that order.

  16. wpsatisfide

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    If you want to teach him fast not to grab your line, spool up with braided spiderwire and let him grab that. the first time he gets that green looking burn hell never grab it again lol
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    The best way for two people to be on the same page is to go over exactly how you want things done before it happens. Like stated earlier, when one hooks up with a big fish the other guy first clears other lines out of the way. Then grabs the net and waits for your O.K. to try to net the fish. You have to explain to him fish are to be netted from the head first,Remember they don't have a reverse gear, they swim forward. He needs to hold the net in front of the fish and you will lead it toward the net. When the fishes head enters the net he should scoop the net toward the tail and then up when more than half the fish in inside. You also need to explain that the rod is acting like a SHOCK ABSORBER to keep the pressure off the line, If he grabs the line there is no more give and thats why the line,knot or swivel will fail. You must tell him all this before your next trip together or threaten to find another fishing partner. LOL That should get his attention. You two should be allright, just explain it then make him repeat it back to you till he gets it.
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    Ah be nice, humbug.... I say find a New Fishing Partner. Or next time you go just say man I'm not taking you with me tell you can listen! It's like what you do to little kids. Let them go some place fun when there good. If there not good keep there butt home. With that said. You should stay away from wire leaders and just use mono with nice swivels.
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    experience is the key.if you plan on fishing with a partner you guys have to put time in together on the water.if your partner has less experience than you do you are going to have to find some patience and he is going to have to learn from his mistakes.i have a life time of fishing experience and my partner has only been fishing for about 8 yrs. in the past he has done just about every thing you can think of to loose fish.when we loose a fish we disscuse exactly what went wrong and how we need to correct the problem.i like to study ever aspect involved in the type of fishing that i do. and he just likes to wet a line.i like to pay attention to the smallest details and he just wants to fish.the best thing ive found is dont take it to seriously.i have caught tons of fish and in the grand sceam of things i value our friendship more than a 50 lb blue.
  20. CraigO

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    From a different point of view, I've been the 19 yr old, only it happened to me when I was 15. An old fellow from my church used to take me fishin all the time when I was a kid (which Im thankful for) and he hooked a nice big blue one night. I was the "net man" and thought I was doing my job well until I actually saw the fish come to the surface next to the boat. I stabbed at the fish like I was trying to kill it with the net and he turned tail, took off straight down, and broke the line. Don't really know how big the fish was, probably at least 30 lbs. Anyhow, I was so embarassed and ashamed that I had let this man down (or so I thought) who took the time to take me fishing, there was really nothing that needed to be said. I learned fast. All I knew was that I didn't want him to stop taking me fishing! However, it's another thing altogether if the guy CONTINUALLY does this and doesn't learn. Bottom line is that new fishermen are gonna do some dumb things... that's why they are called new fishermen