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    Do you of the BOC believe that after the rains the Catfish feed? I've heard they do, but I've never really noticed any difference myself. I know the rains churn up the sediments in the rivers and in turn that stirs things up in lakes.
    I was just wondering what others thoughts were on the matter.
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    catfish feed at all times...pre front, during a front, post front, it don't matter...with that said there is certainly times when the bite is going to be better than others...example: a shad die off is tops...as far as after a hard rain...i have had really good success after a hard rain that stains or muddy's the lake...the cats ain't gotta see they just follow the smell...and usually after a hard rain there will be some current in the upper parts of the lakes near the rivers and this helps the bite too...i always say if you got time to fish just go fish cause you just never know what might happen that day...certainly can't catch em sittin on the couch!! :smile2:

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    I think that Craig is right on about this one. Catfish, like most other fish, are opportunists (a kind way of saying "lazy"?). They will feed mostly when food becomes abundant; or perhaps it's better to say that they will gather to feed...

    This is why chumming is usually effective with catfish. This also explains why after hard rains or at tide transitions, catfish might feed more as currents bring food in from other parts of the river or lake.