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    I am reminded of an incident several years ago.You see,both of our teen daughter were born in California.LA county to be exact. I read some of the California posts cause having lived there 14 years ago I am familiar with some of the places that are discussed when fishing! Anyway back to the Bear! This was on our news cast out there and indeed it was quite the story! Apparently there was a young couple that lived in Orange county,they had a fancy home complete with a Hot tub outside very close to the master bedroom. It seems the young lady noticed that of a morning when she went outside,she would notice that things that were all neat and clean were now in dissaray around the hottub. She started noticing this every morning at first just thinking coons were knocking the trash cans over and turning over the potted plants.One morning she noticed that the tub appeared to be almost completely empty.She had her husband take a look,who in turn told her to call a repairman to check for leaks.Make a long story short,repairman came,no leaks,everything fine but water continuing to dissappear. The husband finally says,"I'm setting up the camcorder and see what on earth is going on"! Thus the camra taped while they slept,next morning,everything in dissaray and water almost gone.Husband played the tape,which was shown on 6:eek:'clock evening news. A huge Bear came every night,and found the tub to be most delightful.He played and frolicked and had a wonderful time.Close to dawn like clock work he would leave. They called California Fish and Game and Mr. Bear was tranquilized and removed. They were going to take him back to the wild and relocate him but on further inspection found the Bear to have absolutely no teeth.So they named him Jake the Bear. Every called in stating "Please don't put Jake down,instead give him to the Zoo". This finally was done and poor Jake was given his own Hot tub and a caretaker to grind his food up so the poor animal could eat. I seen this and thought it was just adorable,but in reality had it been me, I probably wouldn't have slept a wink until Jake was captured especially being so close to the bedroom!:smile2:
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    Now that's funny!

    I bet they were hoping for some wild life in that hot tub, not wildlife!

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    Pat thanks for sharing. A funny and neat story.
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    Great, thanks for the smile.