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  1. Larry Collier

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    Wagoner, Oklahoma
    My brother had a great question last week and I was stumped for an answer. According to him there should be aerial photographs of each Corp lake prior to the completion of the dam and filling of the lake. His question was where to find such photographs. Does anyone know anything about aerial photo's of lakes while under construction?
  2. South Grand Laker

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    i would like to find them, i have always wanted to see some of the grandriver wihle in construction of the pensacola dam, although it's not a corp lake, i've found some but don't really show me much

  3. capt theory

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    a great place to see those photos are in the lock houses of the verdigris/arkansas river lock and dams. lock 17 (by okay) has outstanding photos in their exihibit building. if you get close to one during their business hours id recommend taking the time to check it out. :big_smile:
    ive found quite a few of the photos on the army corp of engineering website as well. their in the library section if i recall correctly. if i can get a chance outside of work ill dig em up and post a link. theres some great shots of oologah in the various stages of completion there. id love to have these shots of all the dams in my personal library..