Aerator System, Are flathead catfish around it if not where are they?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by catpound, Aug 24, 2006.

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    Lake Charleston in Central Illinois has an aerator system because it is used for the city water. The way i understand it is that a pvc pipe runs across the bottom of the lake and they run air through it to turn the water over in the lake. I've figured it would be great its about 18 ft in this area and there are thousands of shad and small bait fish here. I've been baiting with live bluegill, cut bluegill and dead shad. Am i going to catch flats on dead shad? I've been drifting along the edge of where this system runs and have lost one what seemed like monster cat when he tangled me on the pvc.
    Is this a good place to drift at?should i be drifting at all? What are some good ways to fish for large flats and or large channel and blue?
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    Cincy, Ohio
    Well pound I have found that anywhere there is an abundance of baitfish you will find the flats, and they are fairly crafty they will most definately take you right into the pvc piping if given half of a chance. Though catfish in general are tolerant of low oxygen levels they will congregate in areas of higher oxygen so in answer to your question fishing around the aerators has always been productive for me I usually will try to anchor just away from the piping and try to hit the edges a little bit thus enticing the cats out and trying to keep them turned away from the piping :cool2: