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    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    Hey Larry, from swapping messages back and forth I get the feeling you are a true Die-hard ;)

    That got me to thinking about when I first started doing my first serious catfishing. I used to just go out and pick a spot and hope for the best. As time gradually went on, I began trying more and more spots. In theory that was a great thing, but in reality, it really wasnt. It seemed like I was going from one place to another all the time, and I spent more time getting lines out than I did fishing. After about my fist year of die-hard fishing, (and I mean every night for almost 6 months), I decided to try something. I took all the spots I had tried, and all the spots I thought of trying, and put them in a spreadsheet.

    By now you are probably thinking I am nuts, but heres the rest of the story. That following year, I kept track of everything, and I mean everything in that spreadsheet. I kept track of the place I fished, water level, the bait and size I used, The temp outside, the water temp, exact time of night I had the runs, size and types of fish, phase of the moon, sky conditions(cloudy,clear) wind speed and direction, and even if rain had fallen recently. I also noted if the water level was rising from a previous rain.

    I then took this spreadsheet and studied it hard over the winter months. By time Spring had arrived I pretty much had a chart to go by on where I should be heading out that night. It worked great. Now I pretty much know where to go no matter what the conditions.

    Being I just moved up towards the cities this past year and just started fishing up this way, I get to do the learning process all over again :eek:
    Anyway, There are so many great posts on this site, and so many options, I just thought I'd give you another option. If your willing to take the steps I did above, I can almost guarantee you it will pay many benefits for many years to come :)
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    Good piece of advice. I do have to say the info that you and other brothers have passed along on this site has allowed me to make HUGE jumps in my learning curve for Catfishing. :0a31: Along with my previous 30years plus of fishing Bass and Walley mainly on rivers has filled in alot of the gaps.
    Its kind of funny the first time I went out Catfishing was Late June, maybe early july (I think). I really knew nothing about Catfishing except what a guy had told my buddy(I had caught small ones by accident fishing walley). The first night we used ripe chicken livers tied in nylon :sick-big: , fishing from shore. Maybe got one bite, not really sure. :confused: We were more looking for an excuse to get out and do a little night fishing not expecting to catch anything. I was too afraid to take the boat on the river (having never been on the river at night, IT was pretty high at that time with alot of debris). :eek:
    Then we would get another tip from my buddies friend(live bait) and realized that we could take the boat out with out to much hassel. The next trip we caught 3 Cats and lost one really big one. (that was 7/23)
    Now I can proudly say that I have 22lb and 27lb under my belt in less than 1/2 a dozen trips and these are by far the largest and some of the most exciting fishing that I've experienced............. :cool:
    I still have much to learn..........
    I can say that I havent thought about any other type of fishing all summer, And this time of year I'm usually working the Bass and Walley like crazy and All I want to do is Catfish :wub:

    I really like your idea about taking notes down on all the circumstances and conditions. I do it mentally, but its easy to fall into ruts and forget vital information and then you keep doing the same thing when conditions call for something else. And if you had the statistics to review you would see the the pattern and increase your chances.

    We gotta get together out on my boat soon. I'm trying to get out this Sat eve. I'm pretty sure I got the green light from the wife, still have to double check. What's your scheduel look like for heading out this Sat...... say from
    Let me know. It looks like your busy working late during the week from your post times. Or would a early morning or daytrip work during the week???
    Look forward to fishing with you

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    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    Yeah...I work kins of a weird schedule from 3 PM till usually around 11:30 Sunday through Thursday. By time I get home, eat, and shower, it gets pretty late.

    I know exactly wehere your coming from when you talk about how much you used to fish other fish, then the next thing you know your doing most opf your primary fishing for cats. I just love fishing the river because you never know what your going to catch or see caught. I even got to witness a 48" muskie caught out of the river last year with a sucker minnow.

    As for Saturday, I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I think I have to ok to go, bu am waiting to see if my fiance works Saturday, and if so until when. I should know more by tomorrow night. I hope it all works out because I cant wait to fish with a fellow brother!