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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by buddyodie, Apr 5, 2009.

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    Does anyone out there use a trawl type net for catching bait, maybe some tips to use it ? I bought one last summer, but have never tried to use it. The older I get, the more my bum shoulder seems to act up. After half a dozen good tosses with a throw net, I'm done. Not a problem when baits easy to find, one or two good cast and you have all the bait you need. When bait is scarce and you get 2 or 3 shad per toss it's a killer. I have had some other advice, one said to tie it to the side of the boat another to pull it 15-30 feet behind the boat. If you use this type of net, what works best?
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    Fastening it to the side of your boat definitely doesn't seem like it would work very well. I was told to drag it 30'-50' behind the boat, and try to guide the boat in a gentle circle, so that the net isn't directly behind the boat. I tried that in a spot where I could see shad jumping in front of the boat and never caught a shad. Several other people have posted that they didn't do well with them either. So, I don't have a suggestion of how to catch shad in a trawl, cuz I don't know how.