Advice on good beginner long bow or recurve?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Little Bill, Feb 22, 2008.

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    I would like to switch to traditional archery tackle. I am leaning more towards a long bow but not opposed to a recurve. Looking at a couple of brands.Bear Montanna Longbow and Martin Savannah 50# draw weight. Is a long bow more forgiving than a recurve and what would be a good bow to start with and continue with for a long time? Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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    First of all. Welcome to the BOC Kirk! Nice to have u aboard! I can tell u that a recurve is a more forgiving bow versus a longbow. Some will say the opposite, just for the fact they have shot a longbow all the time. Myself, I can't recommend any brand of bow for beginners. I shoot compound bows. But my advice would be is to go to an archery pro shop and ask your questions. They should be able to steer u in the right direction.

    Good Luck.:0a26:

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    I am also currently looking for my first longbow. I have shot the montana and I thaught the handle was not sanded round enouph, but thats an easy fix. I have been thinking about an Internature Viper Deluxe which is a very nice bow and also very affordable($180 new off Some reviews of it say they love it and some say they dont like it too much but oh well. is a great website for looking at traditional bows, but you could probably find the same bows on a different website for cheaper once you decide which one you like.
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    Im interested in this myself and I wish I could be more helpful. I think when I finally drop the bow with training wheels Ill go for a recurve. Im picking the recurve just for the more compact size, Ill think it would make stalking easier and wouldnt get hung up as much as a longbow.