Advice on 02 SeaArk 2072P wanted

Discussion in 'Boating' started by doublesharp, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. doublesharp

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    Hi. I found this forum searching for info on SeaArk boats. I think I'm at the right place. I live near the Ohio River in s Indiana and want a good river jon to catfish a busy part of the river.

    I've found a 2002 2072p with a 1999 130 hp Honda efi 4 stroke. Center console. There is no built in fuel tank but 2 portable 12 gal red poly tanks in stern. The cc is to the rear. There are 2, 12 volt batteries in bow and a bow livewell. Baitwell in front of center console.

    Seems to me this will be really heavy to the rear. I'm not confident the salesman knows his boat. Can someone tell from my photos if this is the 15 degree hull or the 3 degree? Will this be a good riding boat with so much weight to the rear? Wonder why no floor 30 gallon gas tank? Ask price is 13,900 negotiable. What's it worth?

    Anything to worry about in a 10 year old 130 Honda? Thanks in advance. Dave
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. roadkill636

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    warrenton misso
    it is a 3* hull

    it will float VERY well in the rear, that isn't a heavy rear weight set up

    as far as no floor,, Seaark will let you completly costomize the boat custom order, a floor is about $1200 option on a 2072 cc

    if you get a Seaark, you wont regret it at all.

    in the following posts im certain that everyone will agree that that boat will meet your expectations..

  3. Mickey

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    Dave Welcome to the BOC, from So. Illinois. That is a 3 degree hull. Weight distribution sounds ok. You will love a sea ark boat. Especially a 2072. Lots of room. The price can many times be negotiable. Good luck on your choice.
  4. Steven Armstrong

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    sea ark will last a life time! life time warr. on the hull, these rigs will take rough water, i don`t know much about honda outboards, but honda does make great cars, motorcycles, four wheelers, do you have a honda out board dealer in your area? there is a 20 ' sea ark for sale here on boc, its a 2004 model $9,000.00

    FATFLATTIE New Member

    ILM, NC
    Honda motors are about the best made. They're more expensive but they are well worth it. You won't be disappointed that's for sure. Lots of commercial fishermen have Honda outboards that old and they use theirs every single day so barring anything out of the ordinary you'll have very little to do to the motor other than crank it and drive it:wink: