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  1. Kyle

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    Kansas City - Olathe
    I don't post much cause I'm always readin on here trying to learn. Just got out of the service and moved back here for good last week and am gettin ready to hit the rivers (Kaw & mo). I've always stuck to the lakes (ozarks,smithville,gardner,truman..ect) cause I gotta fiberglass champion (bass rig) not too fit for river fishin..but last time home on leave I bought a 16.5 foot flatbottom w/ a 70hp merc and I think I'm finaly about ready to get out there and start exploring. Was wondering if you all could provide any insight on access spots around the city or where you usualy launch from?? I found only one site threw searching google ( but am not familar with any of the boat ramps..was wondering if you guys use any of these, or have any suggestions as for where to launch for a beginner on the MO/KAW. Located in Olathe but don't mind traviln and hour or two. Also, this past weekend I froze a bunch of shad I caught in the ozarks, for use on lakes around here, would they work in the river too or should I bring the throw net and catch them skipjacks I always hear you all talkin about? Any helps appreciated, thanks guys. Good fishin...
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    Kyle, welcome home. A great site, and truly a great bunch of people. There is alot to learn for sure. There is a ton of good guys over on your side of the state, and I'm sure they will be along shortly to say hi. We call them "Westies" around here. :wink: Dont learn too much on here though Kyle. You guys already have some top notch Catsters over there, so they dont need any more help!!!!!!!!

    Thank You for your service to our country. Your dedication is sincerely appreciated. Congrats on your new rig and Welcome home to Missouri!!!!

  3. Malichi1970

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    Fenton, Missouri
    I agree with what Cuz just said and also to answer your question your Shad will work just find. But if you have a net I'd look for some fresh bait while your on the river as well.
  4. theonecatfishbob

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    Wright City, Missouri
    Kyle, thanks for your service and welcome home. Like Cuz said it wont be long and one of the westies will be along to answer your questions. I know there is a ramp at Parkville but it is often not accesible. By days end you should have plenty of info
  5. MRR

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    Kyle, I can't help you out on those waters but i can say thank you for your service to to our country. God Bless you Sir !!Welcome home and stay safe out there on those waters.Go catch a big one so we can here all about it.Like stated frozen shad is ok in a pinch but your better off if you can get some fresh shad/skipjack.Go0od Luck And Have fun You've Earned It.
  6. sbowes77

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    kyle i know there is a ramp in to the missouri just east of 291 i fish there a couple times a year and welcome home
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    Warsaw, Mo.
    Kyle, I typed "Missouri river boat ramps" under search and seen where some of the guys have posted all the ramps.
    Im not real familar with the ramps around the city except for the one at the mouth of the Kaw where it dumps into the Missouri river but Im sure there are more in that area. If we fish the river we usally go to Waverly, Miami, or the Lamine. Welcome home....
  8. dougc

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    I haven't even caught a fish for a couple of weeks,(so my advice isn't worth much), but if the weather's nice this weekend I'll be putting in at Kaw Point and heading upstream. There's been some nice fish caught at the low water dam.
  9. crazy

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    Kansas CIty, MO
    Well, I was out last night with Brad and Ben, Both here on the BOC. We ended the night with couple blues over 20 a 10 and couple 5 pound channels. Not a bad fall night I guess. I have been to a lot of the boat ramps on that page some are good some not so good. We have been fishing on the kaw but the missouri should be just about right as well right now. We mostly put in at kaw point. That way you have a choice to fish the kansas or missouri rivers. They also have a security guy driving around to watch your car. If you start to fish the kansas just watch out there are a ton of hidden crap.
  10. Mr.T

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    SKYNYRD New Member

    Go to kaw point that will be the best one for you and your shad will work and your boat will work find fish then go ahead of them and throw out fish feed up river