Advantages Of Pre-Tieing Hooks!!!

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    Have you ever been frustrated trying to retie hooks when on the water? Or have you been out there in the middle of the night fishing, to break off and have to try to tie a sufficient knot with a lack of proper light to see. Pre-tieing knots have made life alot easier for me since I started. I mostly fish a three-way rig for cats whether its flatheads or channels. So it only makes sense to have some of these ready so its not only quicker, but easier to retie when needed. I spent some time today snelling some hooks up for this upcoming season. I leave around a foot to fifteen inches of line, so when adding later to my 3-way swivel, or even a barrel swivel I have plenty of line to tie the knot, and can even shorten it up to my likings more. I like to tie these in bundles of 5-10. I then take a rubberband around the group, securing the bundle of hooks. When I need a hook, it makes it easy to pull the hook out of the rubberband without having to undue the entire bundle.:wink: The line slips through the band, and I'm ready to add to the swivel. I don't add the swivels to the leaderline, because the hooks seem to hang up in them making for a mess in the bag. Either way, it still makes it easier to retie a rig when needed. I keep these in 1 gal. freezer zip-lock bags, and like to seperate my bags of hooks for each type of fishing I do. I made a bag up today for channel cats, which has a variety of different sized hooks for fishing different kinds of bait, whether it be chicken livers, cutbait, or small livebaits. I also made a bag up today and labeled it circles. I have a variety of sized circles in that bag as well. I also write on the bag the hook sizes it contains, the year ( for reference later on when tied) and, the lb. test line. Makes for an easy way to look through if you have a few of these bags of pretied hooks in your tackle box.. It also keeps your terminal tackle lighter and smaller, by not having to carry boxes of different hooks etc. If you don't carry a tackle bag, a 5 gal. bucket with a lid makes for a great catbox for most people. Throw these bags of pretied hooks in and your a step ahead for when you need them. Here is a few pictures explaining how I bundle them and store them... goodluck....rollo



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    i take a c.d. case the ones that look like a small book and i pre tie my swivel leader and hook and slip it into one plastic sleeve. i use the small one that hold 16 and they are each individual in one pocket so i unzip take it out and tie to my line. works great and the c.d. book fits right in my tackle bag

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    Here's a little different twist on the pre-tied hooks/leaders. I use primarily 25# or 30# leaders. I use the solar green line for the 25# and the bright blue for the 30#, that way I can tell at a glance what it is. Once I have them tied to the length I want, I store the set-up in a small 3"x5" plastic zip lock bag. I don't have to worry about untangling a group of hooks and line, one to a bag. I can write on the bag with a marker what it is. I got the bags for about $14.00 for 2000 bags, I doubt I'll ever run out. I keep them in a flat Plano box in the front of the boat. All I have to open is one box that has a supply of pre-tied setups, floats, weights and swivels. Here's what the box and bags look like.

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    Good advice! I too do not like to tie rigs while on the water. When something breaks I can have a new rig ready and in the water in a matter of minutes.

    I use the binder style tackle bags / holders that Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops sells. They are designed for bass fishermen, and they are a ring binder with heavy duty ziplock plastic bags. I think they were intended for pretied worm rigs.

    Each bag is labeled for different sized hooks, and whether or not they are bottom rigs or drift rigs. There are also little pockets inside for various size weights.

    Hope this helps someone. :wink: