Advance Auto Parts gets the big thumbs down!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by elphaba7, May 21, 2006.

  1. elphaba7

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    Mo'town, WV
    Okay, so my husband went to Advance on Friday to order shocks for our truck. Spends about $550 on various things, orders the shocks, comes home. Today, he goes in to pick them up, reciept in hand, and is told that the shocks were picked up by someone with our reciept yesterday, then returned several hours later for the cash! Now, my husband was in PA all day yesterday riding quads, and the reciept was right here on our bedroom dresser. There was a forged signature on the pickup order, and no questions asked when the shocks were brought back for the cash (over $200!)

    So, my husband is standing there, being treated like a criminal. They tell him they need to see his ID to do anything, so he drives home, picks up not only his ID, but every credit card, bank card, pay stub, and social security card. He goes back in, and the fellow says he can't do anything!!! Out of the workers there, one was the one who waited on him on Friday, and another was the one who accepted the return. He admitted my husband was not the one who returned the shocks, but they can't reach the fellow who actually released them in the first place!

    So, they tried to tell my husband that they were not going to give him either a refund or the shocks. My husband offered to call the police for them. The manager then took the shocks out of the box, wrote on his reciept "NO RETURNS", and then told him he "didn't care if they broke into a thousand pieces", the store wouldn't do an exchange. Then, as my husband gathered up all his identification, a woman clerk tried to snatch his original reciept away from him!:choler:

    Let me just tell you how FURIOUS I am right now at how he was treated! This is clearly their error, and clearly an employee printed out a duplicate reciept and commited identity theft. I think he should have called the police from right there in the store. I called the store and spoke with the manager, asking him specific questions about the situation, and sent an email to their website. I also have the number for their regional office, which I will call tomorrow morning.

    I have had enough of poor customer service, and this one sent me over the edge. My husband is one of the nicest, most honest people you will ever meet in your life. To know he was treated this poorly infuriates me!


    Thanks for listening to my rant.
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    Go get em Jen. Good luck.

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    i used to always get my auto parts from western auto
    they then changed to (escapes my memory at the present) then it turned into the now names advanced auto.
    i bought a starter from them after going in and telling them what i had expeirienced they said it was my starter it didnt solve the problem
    mind you i bought the one that is a life time guaranteed one.
    well the starter i bought still caused my truck to start and keep trying to start even with the motor running and even if i turned key off
    it was still stuck in the starting position trying to turn the motor over.
    this caused the nose cone of this starter to crack and when i went to get a replacement they said it wasnt guaranteed !!!!!!!!
    another incident was buying a set of plug wires for my dads car
    lifetime warranty when i went to get a replacement set cause 1 broke when removeing it from plug they said they never sold that type of plug wires hahahaha i always went to the same store.
    then they look up my info and im not found in their computer??????
    all the parts ive bought and all the times i have to say my name and phone number etc. and now im a nobody???
    when asked if i want the life time warranty i tell them hell no it aint
    any different it wont be honored and i give them ficticious names and numbers now:lol:

    by the way auto zone sold me a used fuel pump for a e150 ford van had the tank down with 1/2 full of gas and replaced it put it all back together and after it didnt run i took it back out and the one i put in was dirtier looking than the one i took out i was P Oed
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    yup! first thing that came to my mind when i first started reading the post was that it was an inside job! dont let up! raise hell, call the national HQ as well! never had any issues out of advance, or autozone, but pep-boys are a nightmare! had a couple go-arounds with them.
  5. Cyclops01

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    Eden, NC.
    I had my poor customer service experience this past Friday.

    My wife had opened a bank account here in NC. six months ago. I went there Friday to deposit over $16,000.00 in four checks (including my wife's LOCAL pay check) and get a certified check for $5,800.00 to pay the movers, who were arriving Saturday morning. (They only give a day's notice and the total cost for the move at that time) Even though we had $4,300.00 in the account, they said I would have to wait one business day for the checks to clear before they could issue the certified check... and these clowns aren't open even half a day on Saturdays!!!

    I have never dealt with a bank that wouldn't cash a customer's pay check, even if it is written on another bank's check. And these folks weren't the least bit helpful when I explained, without that certified check, that moving company was not going to off-load my furniture and possessions.

    They didn't show any concern when I said close my account and give it to me in cash. They just closed it, gave me my balance and didn't even bother to say "have a good day".
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    Mo'town, WV
    Don't even get me started on banks, Mike! I HATE banks!

    Keep banks, lawyers and skunks at a distance.:roll_eyes:
  7. John H

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    Jen - After retiring as a police officer, I was a regional security manager for a large company in Atlanta.
    Sounds like someone on the inside working with a friend possibly. I would call the regional manager or regional security manager for that area.

    I think they would be really happy to hear the story.
    I would continue with the District manager and up to Corprate if you have to.
    It's really sad how a bad apple can mess up a persons day!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep going until you get satisfaction and an apology!! I hope your husband kept all the paper work, that will be needed.

    Make's me wish I was still in the business, I would love to work the case and nail the %$#^&#@. Use the sucker to bait a hole....

    Stay afloat

    John H
  8. RamRod

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    I wish you luck in your pursuit for the true criminal! Just keep on keeping on!
  9. Mark J

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    those places run on a ticket.
    It changes daily. Tomorrow their minimum ticket goal might be 20 dollars meaning to stay ahead of the ticket they have to sell 20 dollars or more to each customer.
    Returns kill the ticket whether they are warranty returns or returns because the product was wrong.
    those stores revolve around the "ticket"
    If you really want to piss them off go in and buy a candy bar.
    10 minutes later go in and buy a drink, and 10 minutes later go in and buy a 1 dollar spark plug gapper. I've actually gotten free drinks because I was killing their ticket.

    The "ticket" is why when you go in to buy say a battery they try to sell you the rest of the store to go with the battery. It is annoying as all get out.

    You wont get anywhere with a store manager because of his ticket. You'll have to go to his regional manager or higher. I know most of the Autozones will have the telephone number to the regional manager posted in plain view to the customers.
  10. Dano

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    You get em Jen. Happens all the time here.
    BTW, I have nothing against skunks:big_smile:
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    Four Oaks, NC
    Shows how time changes things.
    Take my dad for instance. These older folks have a "network" going that us youngins I doubt will ever have because of the big box stores today.
    The days of knowing the same man that has run the same parts house for 30 years and before that his dad ran it for 30 more are all but over.
    This day and time nobody knows anybody and the door is wide open for this type of circumstance.

    If possible I try to deal locally even if I might pay a little more or dont get the same incentives to buy. In the end I'll get far more out of the local guy service wise on a business and personal level.
    I just wish I had the alliances my dad has made over the years.
    Seems he can find anything or knows who exactly to call for any gutter ball headed my way.

    Recently I had a a coolant leak that took out my alternator. Alternators are expensive! Dad told me to go to Benson and look up this fellow in some ramshackle hole in the wall in an alley that works on starters and alternators.
    The guy works weird hours but he rebuilt my alternator on the spot in about 30 minutes and charged me 30 bucks, just 10 dollars more then he would have charged my dad I'm sure but the man writes the date on the part so he can warranty his work without a reciept.
    I figure I saved atleast 130 bucks and alot of bull hockey in the process and still have the OEM part that came on the vehicle.
  12. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    Good luck Jen, that really sucks.
  13. catseeman

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Go get them. I am quickly running out of places to buy things because I expect to much from them. I have been told this by more than one manager. I no longer buy anything electrical from autozone three bad starters in a row for the same car, three bad alternaters, then they said my battery was bad I had to theaten the manager with bodily harm in order to get a refund on the battery and my original core back it was a good battery after all. advance has a new manager so i am using them and keeping all paperwork and names of sale counter people i deal with. They don't care for this but it makes a difference when dealing with regional managers. ect. I have went so far as to asked the counter person to sign my reciept. I could barely understand her broken ENGLISH. And my highshool spanish is not so good after 35 years. Good luck. fight them .it is your right.
    It is not just autoparts stores it is corporate america doing this to us because so much coroprate is no longer owned by americans
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    Clarksville, Tennessee
    Wow, how about reporting them to the better business bureau. If for anything just for personal satisfaction. Do they have video cameras at the registers? Most places do these days. Every chain has a district manager as well, speak with them. Your husband must be a very patient man. I think I would have gone to jail. Put an add in the local paper. Don't cost much, but you would be surprised how many people read those thing. I wouldn't quit myself.
  15. kccats

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    Olathe, Kansas
    Obviously, it was an employee scam.
    I bet if you keep on, corporate will deal with it properly.
    Keep us posted!
  16. elphaba7

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    Mo'town, WV
    Brian, no they do not have video cameras in this branch. I have gotten a follow up email from their online site, asking for store details (there are two here in Morgantown). I will be calling the regional office when they open, and will update you all later.

    This was the third instance of bad customer service I've dealt with in less than a week, and the straw that broke the camels back.
  17. MRR

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  18. copycat

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    It does sound like someone working there is up to no good. If I were in your shoes I would persue it to the end. As long as you have your original reciept you have proof. I hope you nail the SOB.
  19. Patmansc

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    Pat Chaney
    Don't let'em get away with this one, Jen!!! I agree with the others in that this was an inside job, and believe that the one(s) responsible can be identified. Let us know what happens.
  20. Mutt

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    Nail them Jen!
    I have had a few issues with the same parts house and with kragens too. I will no longer visit thier establishments. I figure I am better off buying at a place that treats thier customers good.