Adding Injury to Insult

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    This is my little tale of a good night, gone bad. I know there are a lot out there, and not too sure if it's right to speak of such things here; I'm going to give it a shot though..( apologies in advance!)

    The Summer of '06, after a long, hot week of factory work. I decided that I was going to go night fishing down at the Green River; Located in Calhoun, Ky. It's about a 45 minute drive from where I lived at the time. A local "River-Rat" that worked in the plant had invited me to his fathers rental place, which had set right on top of the Dam. I had made a few trips before hand, knew the area somewhat, and was looking forward to a good night of fishing. I had planned it all out to a "T". I had all the tackle setting in the car for the trip; All that I had to do was go to the house to grab the Live bait, and Liver from the fridge, kiss the ole' lady good night and leave.

    When I got the my friends Camp Area. He had invited some other people over to celebrate his cousin's return home for a short leave in the army. Beer was present, and laughing was very apparent when I arrived. A small Camp fire had been burning for a while, as the night had grown a little chilly, I had grabbed a beer, and stepped by the fire to warm up before going out to the Dam, and setting up camp for the night. After about a full can of beer, I went ahead and grabbed my tackle, and poles, set them up on the other end of the pick-nick area. I only then realized that I had forgotten half of my tackle back at the house. No biggie, I have liver, some of my tackle, and replacement hooks if I needed them. My friend said he could cover the rest.

    Unknown to myself, the small camp fire was actually a very large bonfire. One that had been burning with 4 foot river logs most of the night before I came.

    I decided to grab another can, and warm the old legs before going out, and having my fun. Roughly 2 minutes of standing there warming myself, I start to feel a little 'too' I move away from the fire. Shortly after, I begin to feel a little more warmer then before, again, I think that my pant legs are getting too close to the fire. I glance down to make sure the fire hasn't flamed back up again, and move 2 more feet off. All this time, I was keeping an eye on the guys, and laughing along with their stories.

    Well, After the third time that I had felt my pant legs get too warm for my comfort, I look at them..Then, to my shocked realization, my right leg was on fire. My first instinct, swat the fire out. Instead of me swatting the fabric away from my leg, I smack the fire onto my leg- instantly burning the fibers that had been on fire into my skin. Pain came shortly after. :cry:

    LOL, to top this off, I've got 3 guys running around me in circles, suggesting things that I can do to get the fire out. On top of that, I've got a VERY drunk Soldier, staggering up to me saying "Hold on, I will put it out for you" while unzipping his pants. :confused2:

    A lot of things crossed my mind. Hit the guy trying to urinate on me, yank my pants off, run into the river, ect; The only thing that I could resort to doing was to pour what was left of my beer onto the fire. Which put it out. Leaving me with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burn on the calf of my right leg.

    I was proud them, and I'm proud now to say.. I stayed 6 hours after that incident. I caught 8 fish. 5 strippers, 2 catfish, and 1 bass. :006:I would show pictures, but honestly, I don't think they would be appropriate for some of the bloggers. Heck, I'm not sure if even this event is appropriate to speak of on this site. ( IF it isn't, I will delete..and again, apologies in advance!:beat_brick:)

    So, there you are. My worst/best fishing night to date.

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    ROTFLMAO!! Don't feel pregnant!

    A buddy's kids were asleep so we wandered out to the yard to drink and talk. It was a bit chilly so we built a small fire and being a small fire we had to be close to get any warmth and,,,, the same deal.

    In the middle of a conversation I drop to the ground flopping and pounding my leg to the ground. My bud, who had not seen the fire on my leg, thought I had gone nuts or been grabbed by the devil!:smile2:

    Even while roasting I had to laugh at the look on his face, this did little to reassure him and he began backing off. About then the pain was kicking in, my laughter stopped and the cussing began.

    He liked that better, and got round to asking me what was wrong.

    A little burn cream and a pain pill and it was back to the fire n beer.

    That sucker blistered up the size of an big orange and afterward I had a "dent" that size in my calf for years.:smile2:

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    That sounds about like the average night at the lake. LMAO The worse I ever did was burn a hole in my shoes and I didnt notice it till the next day.
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    Don't sound like too bad a night. Anytime you can catch 5 strippers it's a great party !!! :smile2: