Adding a third log to a pontoon

Discussion in 'Boating' started by cliff n york, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. cliff n york

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    south carolina
    i want to get a pontoon boat this winter and add a third log, but i don"t know how. do you use the same length log are use a shorter one; also would a smaller diamter log be used
  2. idolg

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    Colfax, NC
    Never seen a pontoon boat with three pontoons... but I don't get out much ... I'm curious about this one too. Looks like you would also have to remodify the trailer.

  3. Bobpaul

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    Supply NC
    I've heard them called Tri-Toons. A third log is needed when a very large motor is used, such as an inboard. They're also extended forward of the two side logs.

    Don't expect alot of speed from toons. Top speed with a 454 inboard on a custom toon I saw was only 63 mph
  4. laidbck111

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    Bentley Pontoon sells them already done up. From the pics I have seen the middle toon is bigger and shorter than the other two. There are a couple of toon makers that do it and they all do it a little differently. I have fished from one, a few times, and it is way more stable, IMO, than a regular toon
  5. trnsmsn

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    I've never seen one before but near the end of this month the Crappie fishing will get into full swing here, there will be more toons than Jehovah has witnesses.

    People come from all over the country to Crappie fish here, the've got big generators on them & lit up like a Christmas tree with big spotlights shining in the water. It's interesting to see what other people have come up with/invented.
  6. duxsrus

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    SW Ohio
    My uncle has a 28' tri-toon with a Mercruiser I/O for en engine. For a toon it's pretty quick, probably go around 35-40MPH. Nice boat, but just not my cup of tea.
  7. shortbus

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    I have modified a pontoon into a tri-toon at work. The guy was using a mercury 90hp and it would sink the rear of the tubes real bad. It was a big toon, can't remember the length 30 something. I put in a center tube and had to add about 4 more feet to it to make it long enough. The engine mounts to the back of the tube. What I did was took the tappered transom part off the pontoon and coped it into the new tube. Welded it solid and installed tube and motor. Trust me,,,WAY easier said than done.
    After all that work the new center tube only raised the back out of the water about 3" max. Not worth it at all IMO. I believe the 90hp Merc 4stroke was to heavy for the boat. It was cracking and bending the factory transom mounts on the deck!! I will never do one again!!!
  8. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    90 percent of the guide at santee are running tri toons. they handle the rough water a lot better than the pontoons. most of the guides are running outboard motors up to 225hp. the toons are bigger in diamater also. crest makes a nice tritoon. my buddy had one with a 150hp on the back that would run around mid 40s. we pulled it to santee and all i could see was toons all the way down. real nice on the water just not good for towing longer distances for me.all three toons look to be the same size in diameter to me but the middle did stick out a little bit farther in the front. it is shorther in over lenght i think due to the motor.
  9. on_the_fly

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    If you add a toon under one it will add a rough 1600 lbs to the boat rating based on a 24 footer. the middle toon sits the same but is shorter to the back side for it falls inline with the transom so the toon stops at the last cross member befor the transom box witch is in most cases the 4th cross member in from the back. Also the middle toon is usualy 1 to 2 inches bigger that the outer toons. and as far as trailer well you cant use a jack up trailer and on the run on type all that is needed is two more carpet boards for the middle toon to rest on. you will not need to remove the inner side boards that help guide the boat on the trailer.