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    Luke Clayton here. I JUST got back from doing a little scouting for hogs in the woods near my home. I know some oaks way back in the bottoms that usually begin dropping their acorns first. Sure enough, I found the forrest floor littered with acorns AND, more importantly, the first hog sign I have seen down there since spring. Looked like a couple of smaller hogs, probably 100 pounders by the look at the sign, were already on the acorns. I smeared a little of OLE LUKE'S HOG PASTE attractant on a sappling a few yards south of the oaks (the wind is usually from the south or southwest right now), scattered a 5 gallon bucket of corn in with the acorns. Guess where I plan to be in a couple of days with my Mathews Drenalin??!!
    Check the oaks in your area, deer and hogs have an uncanny way of knowing JUST when they begin dropping acorns. I did not find any "velvet rubs" from the whitetail bucks in the area but... Expect them to begin rubbing velvet any day now.. Good hunting to you! Luke Clayton
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    I appreciate the heads up. I will have to try to get some scouting in this weekend.