Accidental Flathead

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    A friend of mine who is a Walleye guide on Muskegon lake ran into a large flathead by mistake last week. He was fishing the Grand River channel in Grand Haven for salmon when he connected with the fish. He was trolling Glo-J-Plugs using downriggers when the fish hit. He told me he never had such a hard time getting a fish off the bottom in his life. After a 15 minute battle he landed the fish. He had no scale to weigh the fish but I would consider his estimate to be within 5 pounds or so as he is an avid Great Lakes fisherman and is no stranger to large fish. He said the fish had to be in the 40 lb range. Unfortunately he took no pictures. He was between the Coast Guard Station and the pier heads when he connected with the big cat. He also informed me that several other fishermen were catching large channel cats on spoons from the pier. A few guys in the know have been targeting these fish with cutbait and shrimp and limiting out. I have noticed dwindling numbers of channel cats in the 10 mile stretch of river I normally fish. The increased catches from the pier only stengthen my personal theory that channel cats, particularly those in the lower Grand, migrate to the deeper, lower end of the river system in Fall and spend the winter there. In this case that would be Spring Lake, the entire dredged channel, and probably Lake Michigan itself. Imagine all the winter killed shad, alewives, smelt that must be available to them all winter. When I tell catfish guides from other states that we catch 20 lb channel cats here they don't believe me. Not to mention 20 lb sheephead!!!

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    Thats awesome Dan, I hope to be on the river again soon, the steelhead are really early this year and its been real busy down by 6th street with all the steelheaders in Grand Rapids. It would have been awesome to see a pic of a 40lber out of the grand there in Grand Haven. Thanks for the news.

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    Dan sounds like you have the fish figured out. Can't wait to see pics of your catches later. Good Luck
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    I treid too edit but was not fast enough. Let me add that all of my flatheads were caught on accident. I didn't even know there were flatheads in Lake Murray, SC.
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    Richmond ,Indiana
    Lol, As Long As It Takes To Catch A Flattie ,i'm Surprised That I Even Knew What They Looked Like.
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    When me and a friend of mine went out on Murray the bite was fast in about 4 hours we caught 12 fish nothing huge but I would guess the average at 6-8 pounds. You were right I didn't even recognize them to be flatheads, lol.
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    I sure would like to have an accident like that lol
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    Thats quite the accident! I guess cause it wasn't his "target species" that he called it that, huh?
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    I'd take a big ol flattie on accident anyday!
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    A 40# accident ! I should be so un-lucky. I did catch a 12" blue once while dragging a small plug behind the boat while I was beating the shore line for ba$$.
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    Great story Dan.
    I was surprised how many of the big cats on the master angler lists were caught on J-Plugs, Hot-N-Tots, & Spoons. That may be the best way to catch them... by accident while salmon trolling!
    Glad to hear he released it, too!
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    By accident huh? Can we somehow plan on making these accidents happen more often? This is not the first I have heard of this phenomenom. Figures the fish you're after is caught by salmon jigs...Anyway, thanks for the great info Dan, there is hope yet! LOL!!!