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    where i live the mowing and ground maintiance is furnished to us,i was setting
    here looking out my back window,and one of the mowers went over the bank,
    into the canal by my boat dock,well one of our BOC members works for that
    crew when they are working here,that is THE RUNNER DAN KEENAN he came
    to the aid of the man on the mower,and held on to it till the operator got
    out.GREAT JOB DAN.then the funny part came when the supervisor came
    over to pull it out with another mower,WELL that didnt work,so he goes to
    get his trusty 2 wheel drive truck,WELL all that did was almost bury the
    back wheels of that truck,but he did have the mower half way out,when
    the truck buried the back wheels,so some one said stop and we will loosen
    the chain and get another hook up on it,WRONG the mower goes back in
    the canal,and the truck almost went in the drink before he got turned at last they turn the truck around hook on to the front end and
    the mower came out.the driver was just wet and embarased,as far as any
    one getting hurt I was the only victim,from laughing my rear end off while
    taking pictures of this 3 ring circus. :eek:
  2. Katmaster Jr.

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    Wilmington, NC
    Wow, glad it didnt get too bad..... :eek: Maybe they were trying to mow the seaweeds......LOL :eek: :p :D

  3. Dano

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    So can we see the pic's of theses brave men. :D
  4. cook

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    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    As an ex-Fl.resident,I remember the back-hoes that had a brush-hog attached to a hydrylic arm.Good for mowing along the canals.
  5. capt.kirk

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    YES there are some more pictures left to take on my disposable camara
    when finished,they will be put on disc and posted.i wish i could have had
    it on video,remember the 3 stooges,i thought i would split my britches
    while watching desk faces the door to the florida room,and i keep
    a camara in my breif case at all times,you never know when there will
    be a kodack moment.I am very glad that no one was hurt.
  6. H2O Mellon

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    You know that could have probably could have had a much worse ending. I'm glad we can read & laugh about it rather than reading & worrying about an injured guy. I can't wait to see those pics. :p
  7. shadow

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    Kirk, you may be the last guy alive that doesnt have a digital camera.Dig up some of that mouldy old money you have stashed away and buy one for Christmas. ;)
  8. Rainman4u2

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    Next to last man. The last one is me. Can't wait to see the pics.

  9. sassafrass

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    Big Flat AR.
    All I can say is way ta go Dan. His quick leg work may have saved a coworker from more than wet cloths.

    It friends and neighbors willin ta help out when trouble comes that makes this world worth living in.
  10. capt.kirk

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    THANKS to the RUNNER what could have been serious,turned into a 3 ring
    circus.ALSO SHADOW,the wife has a new camara,she just got it about a
    week ago,and i just received a new do it all,printing center,got it hooked up
    friday.when i am out i keep a disposable camara with me, mostly to take
    pictures of salvage boats.yesterday while i was at the boat lot i was
    presented another KODAK moment that i can not put on here,but i will
    e.mail the story behind it to you today.AND i guess we are down to 1 that
    does not have a new camara. :p
  11. shadow

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    Beautiful picture of that BUTTERFLY you have there Kirk. Why dont you just post it here for all to see? :rolleyes: :eek:
  12. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    BUTTERFLYS are beautiful,and tasteful,but we only talk about fishing not
    butterfly can be a dangerous thing,catching butterflys,and i
    would not want anyone to get injured trying it. :p
  13. flatheaddundee

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  14. Dano

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    Ever been spurred by a rooster.
    They aint got nothing on a butterfly. Last one that landed on me, we must of rolled on the ground for a good hour, till the butterfly pined me down by cheating. He twisted my arms behind my back and flapped me with both wings in the back of head and I would have been down for the count but a big burst of wind came up and blew that butterfly away. Lucky me. :D
  15. capt.kirk

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    you were very luckey to escape,the butterfly we are talking about is
    a hybred species,they are stronger than any butterfly on the planet,i only
    have seen and photograghed 1,they are beautiful,and as i understand it
    have the ability to hold on to there prey until they choke to death,they
    are the only carnivorus butterflys that exist,at least that is what i have
    been told.
  16. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    I still use a $15 35mm camera for fishing and camping because I don't want to take the chance of ruining an expensive digital camera. When I get the roll developed, I get regular photos plus all the pictures on CD.
  17. capt.kirk

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    That is what we do ,if her new camara takes a bath it would be the most
    expensive bath she ever took.Another good reason to carry a camara at
    all times,i hope this does not happen,but if you are in an accident,take all
    the pictures that you can of the scene,as well as plate numbers of cars
    that are around at the time,it is like i said before,i am most of the time
    takeing pictures of boat hulls that i can remodel into catfish boats,and resell
    i can turn one out in about 6 weeks,and i have just finished one that is
    ready for market.i really dont worry much about the age,it is the quality
    and convience,i tell any one that purchases one from me,if you take care
    of her, she will treat you right.ALSO i am still looking for another picture
    of that rare butter fly that is mentioned above,probably here in florida,
    i will see one when i least expect it. :)
  18. shadow

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    Kirk---I just sent you a pic of one rolled in flour and ready for the eating.
  19. capt.kirk

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    I just received it and printed ot the recipe,looking forward to trying it,
    sounds like it may be worth trying,and i have relayed it to some folks
    that like the finer things in life,such as food. :)
  20. Schoe

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    Moline ILL.
    Dano, That Butterfly that Kirk has i know you wouldn't want to fool with. It has one large fang and will make you simple if it bites you. Schoe