Academy in Waco, BAD SERVICE!!!!

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    Hey Boc family!

    Just wanting to let Yall know about a BAD EXPERIENCE I had at the WACO Academy!!! Treated me like CRAP!!!:0a6:

    I got into it with the Asst. Store Manager at Academy, because they were overcharging me for 2 Panther Martin in-line Spinners! When I picked them up off the shelf they were marked $1.69, and 5 minutes later when I was checking out, they were $3.09!!! I told the casher, and she called for a price check, and the guy "couldn't find the price!" So I was checking out beside the lures, so I just walked over to them to show him the price! When I got there He was pulling off the last price tag at $1.69 and was repricing them at $3.09!:eek:oooh: When I asked about the price change he said, "Well that is the price of them now!" Being a smart a$$! And the original Price tags were on the shopping basket where the tagging stuff was located!!!:confused2: All of this time i had $100 of other Jig Heads, bodys, and a few other spinners ready to be paid for! So I told the casher to just put them back as I wasn't going to pay that for them when they were $1.69 5 minutes ago!

    So I paid for the other stuff and when walking out of the store my Son told me that one of the workers was following Him and His buddy ( both 14yo) around the fishing department for 20 minutes! When Andrew said something to his buddy about the guy, the Guy said" He can stare at who ever in the hell he wants to!"

    Well that did it!:doubt:

    So I walked to the Service counter to ask for a Manager, and after 5-6 minuets the Asst. Store Man. cam up to me, and I introduced myself to him , and explained what happened about the 2 spinners, what I just spent on fishing supplies, and what the guy said about the price change, and asked to get the lures at the price I picked them off of the shelf for. The WHOLE time I was VERY CALM AND DIDN'T CURSE or raise my voice at any time, because I was expecting him to help me and fix the problem!

    Well He goes into this spiel about their Company Policy and how they handle the problem saying," We will give you the 1st one for the $1.69 price but the rest of them would be the actual price as marked now! I hadn't even mentioned about the guy smarting off to my son yet! So he folded up his arms and gave my a look, and said that is how retail works EVERYWHERE, and that is ALL HE IS GOING to do for me!

    SO I proceed to tell Him that " That IS NOT HOW ALL RETAIL WORKS, as I have been in retail for over 15 years, and when we ever ran into this the customer is ALL WAYS RIGHT, and we would give it to them for what the tag said when the picked it up! Even if the items were in the wrong place! If someone had stocked the wrong items in the wrong spot, it is not the customers fault! If there was only 1 on the wrong peg that would be different, but when the whole peg was filled wrong that is the stores fault! Weather it be a $1 lure or a 500 dollar washer! and I have had to mark down a washer over $400 before at Lowe's because the night guy put the wrong price on the washer! IT IS JUST GOOD BUSINESS! THE CUSTOMER IS ALL WAYS RIGHT PERIOD!

    So he told me I was glad to call their Corporate office tomorrow, but he wasn't going to give me them both for $1.69! So I told him to just return the whole ticket which was around $105. And informed him that I had spent around $2500.00 there since they opened on rebuilding My Boat, Buying 2 Kayaks, A few Firearms, TONS OF AMMO, 4 or 5 HIGH END RODS and REELS, and ALOT OF LURES AND FISHING GEAR and Clothing, AND I WAS NEVER GOING TO SHOP THEIR AGAIN, and that is when I realized I had my Academy Hat on, so I took my Pocket Knife out of my pocket VERY SLOWLY and cut the back strap off of it, and threw it on the floor by him!!!!! Then I remembered about the guy following my son, and I told him how rude the guy was to my son and his friend! I also told him I understand about watching Kids when around High Theft Items, but these Boys were straight A students involved with Athletics, and student council, as well as being long time shoppers of the store as well, and a few of the workers Know them by name! That is how much time we spent in the store! But he would NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT AGAIN!!!

    AND AT NO TIME DID A RAISE MY VOICE OR SAY A SINGLE CUSS WORD OR WAS RUDE!!! I have been Cussed out up one side and down the other before when I was working in retail, and it does NO GOOD to be that way! So I won't do it! Even though I might Want to!!! LOL

    So to make a long story short I don't have a very good Fishing Hat ANYMORE!!! LOL

    So think about how Academy treats their Customers, at least in Waco!!!

    So from now on I will be buying from: BassPro, Cabelas, Walmart, or Gander Mountain! There is a Gander in Corsicana, about 60 miles away, but the rest of the family is there, so I am their a lot! and They will match ANY ONES prices, and sales adds too!

    So HOPEFULLY Yalls Academy's are better than ours, BUT BEWARE OF ACADEMY IN WACO, TX!!!!:doubt:

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    Andy you did the right thing and i would never shop there again either. i have done the same thing before myself. i would for sure be calling or e-mailing someone higher up on the food chain though.

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    Hey man I hear ya. There were a couple guys who were rude in there to me one time. I told their manager and they were extremely nice ever time since then.
    PM me your address, I have a good fishing hat for you, straight from Iraq!!!
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    my uncle was in a wal-mart and found a remington 1100 marked 399.99 so he was going to buy it when he was paying for it they said it was 699.00 it was priced wrong they got the manager back there and since it was wrong on price they ate the remainder and he got it for 399.00 most places will sell as priced marked
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    yup I think I'd be way ticked and spend my money else where it stinks when they think there all that and could care less bout the working man!:angry:
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    Gosh, Andy. Post that Manager's name on the board. If he is transferred to my store, I won't but there either.
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    Where I'm from the old stores like the do all stores or the hardware stores (they sell some fishing stuff too) don't change price tags.
    When they pull it out of the box and put it on a shelf or in a bin they put a price tag on it. It's the only price tag it will see.

    That is why you always dig for a better price. A battery terminal may sell for 3.19 but if you dig around in the box you might find one that has been around longer for .75 cents.

    We had one store called Whimpy Williams like that. You could always beat today's price in that store if you looked a little. from overalls to hoe handles.