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    Very boring day here in Dink-land, so im gonna post how to modify a a non-clicker ambassador to a clicker reel. i have 4 different 5500/5600's that i channel fish with, two of which i got at a yard sale really cheap but they didnt have clickers. i rarely ever use a clicker while channel fishing but there are times i have to walk away from my pole, take a snooze, or want to try some live bait for flats. below are pics of how i modified them. all ambassadors from 5000-6500's have the same plastic gear under the sideplate for moving the levelwind and operating the clicker regardless if it has a clicker or not.


    im not sure about the 4600's.


    shows the brass version of the clicker mechanism as it is on the plate and by itself. the local repair shop sold me the 2 parts for $4. if you have another ambassador WITH a clicker remove the side plate and clicker mechanism, put the side plate of the reel you want to modify next to it, align all the screw holes, and using a sharpie draw an exact copy of the groove on the spot where it should be. then, let it dry for a few and using a Dremmel CAREFULLY cut out a groove for the clicker mechanism (pic-3) and de-bur the edges. install mechanism, replace sideplate, and you have a reel with a clicker. if you do not have steady hands i wouldnt advise doing this, and please wear safety glasses. as you can see i cut a little close to the edge on the one in the pic (pic-3,silver plate), that was the first one i done, but it works just fine. if you do this be careful and go slow! cut the groove a little small then enlarge as needed. As for whether or not any dirt or grime will get in? If you cut it correctly then its the same as the one that came from the factory. theres no gasket or anything in between. there may be a little water that gets in but not much if any, that plastic thumbswitch fits really snug against the metal. besides, theres nothing in there to rust, its all plastic, aluminum, or brass. the rest of the reel is isolated from this section. as far as function, works just the same as one off the shelf!