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    New guy here- Need to post so that I can view pictures.

    My favorite reels for live bait has been the older abu 170's. I still have one from the mid 70's and got a couple more from ebay. by the time I pay shipping, I can save money by ordering a new abu from Cabelas. The 1076-c has 5 bb and a capacity of 135 yds of 12#. Anybody use this reel? The 1276-c is designed for superline, but I am concerned about line capicity. This reel is rated at 100yd of 14# superline which is equal to 6# mono, which should mean that if you load a stronger superline , you are not going to have a lot of line.,

    Any and all feedback welcome-Fred​
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    Fred, give up your comfort zone and get an Abu 6500 c3 or better yet a TC. You can put all the line on them you will ever need and they are not at all hard to learn how to use. Just start out with cheap mono for a few days of practice then switch to braid. They have much more power than spincast and will last 20 years longer. Not to mention they are more versitile.