Abu Garcia Reels for Saltwater

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by jaroddog, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. jaroddog

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    Not trying to get off of topic, but once I save up a little money (and my Wal-Mart gets the new C3s in), I'd like to get an Abu Garcia reel (probably a 6500C3). Is this reel or the 6000 model suitable for saltwater fishing. If I ever get a chance to go to the coast, I'd like a reel that can pull double duty for some surf or pier fishing. (I might use it for Salmon or Muskie fishing if I get a chance also, but maybe with a different rod). I know that it is physically possible to use almost any reel for saltwater applications, but is the Abu meant to be used in such conditions. Some reels have components that would corrode very quickly if exposed to salt (magnesium reels for example). Anyone use an Abu for saltwater or know they answer? I'd like to hear some input. Thanks.
  2. M.Magis

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    Yes, they're used regularly in saltwater. However, as with any reel, they should be washed with fresh water after each use to help prevent corrosion.

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    I use my Abu's in both salt and fresh water, but there are some things you will definitely want to stay on top of. As with anything used in saltwater, rinse it off throughly with freshwater after each use. Also, BEFORE you use them in saltwater, take the reel apart and clean it, lube it and then apply a product called Corrosion-X. You can search Google to find it. During reassembly, put some grease on the threads of the screws as you put the reel back together. This will prevent saltwater intrusion and keep your screws from locking up (this is not fun...I learned the hard way:eek: ). The Corrosion-X and grease make a world of difference in keeping the reel from being eaten up.
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    Do you want to soak bait in the surf or throw metal? If you're looking to fish with cut bait on pier and surf - do yourself a favor and spend the extra money on a Abu 6500 Blue Yonder with a CT frame (that with no levelwind) The lack of levelwind makes a considerable difference in terms of casting distance which "can" be important at times when you're surf fishing. The 6500 Mag Elite is another great reel.

    If you're wanting to cast metal, then you need a levelwind and you're good to go with any decent Abu reel. Go for a reel with bearings instead of bushing - less maintenance involved.

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    I looked at the Wally World reels and they are made a little different than the ones at Bass Pro Shop. The BPS Abu Garcias have the newer upgraded drag parts.
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    If for some reason you don't have any corrosion-x or aen't able to grease your reel before your trip, then try this. When you get done fishing for the day, stick the reels still mounted on the rods in the shower for about 15 minutes. That will take care of any saltwater issues.
  7. Vacatfisher

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    IMO its a waste to do all that stuff...corrosion x and washing the reel for 15 minutes are a waste.....i fish 4 abus in saltwater(2 for metal, 2 for bait)....they do not require much maintenence..abus outcast most other reels and have few parts..simple but effective....after a full season with no cleanings(except bearings) my mag elite is still just as good as the day i got it when i degreased it and put hot sauce instead of abu grease in it....dont put oil on the gears...over lubing is most ppls main problem with abus(oil dissolves grease)...also make sure your drag washers have no oil on them....for the record i fish my reels hard and cut them no slack....abus are at home in the suds and on the planks...the levelwinds are THE REEL to have for throwin metal and the 6500c3ct and 7500c3ct are preferred reels for fishing drum,stripers and cobes...

    obviously if you drop a reel in the sand ya might have to do some extra work...but these are work horse reels...they aint bass reels...fancy salt eatin stuff aint necessary

    keep the bearings clean and lubed and your reel should be fine...