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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by dtwbcs, May 28, 2007.

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    Will someone PLEASE explain how to"set"the drag on my baitcaster.A buddy informed me that I should release fully the drag "tension" after each fishing trip.I would appreciate any advice.
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    I wouldnt say its nessary to do it every time but when you arnt going to use it for a while back the drag off to keep it from flatting out your fiber drag washers. then when you go to use it tighten it back up till it gets hard to pull out line by hand and then ajust it as needed. imo i dont think their is one perfect spot to set it.

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    Dan, drags should be backed off on your reels. To set the drag properly, tighten till it takes 1/4th of the breaking strength of the line on the reel ( 20 lb line would be 5 lbs) with a straight pull. With the drag set this way, when you have a fish on and the rod bowed, the drag will increase to about 1/3 rd of the lb test of the line ( a lot depends on the type of rod, number of guides and quality, line type and quality etc.) which is about where you want it.
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    I don't think I've ever heard it explained any better than this way! This is about the best "as a general rule" way of doing it I've seen yet.
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    I'm learning too. My two cents. It is easier for me to back off my drag than increasing it under load conditions. That way I have a stiff drag on the hook set, an as the rod loads I can back it off with a feel of the load.
    I may be wrong, but it's working so far....and don't ya really want a different adjustment for the fish yer working. The small ones ya can horse in, but they start hitting the 6lb. mark ya can adjust a lil, then if they head for cover, an ya know ya run a good chance of losing them, shoot, load it up an take yer chances...the retreive on the ABU;s is pretty fast.
    Please feel free to tell me if my thinking is wrong...like I said..I'm new too.
    I'm using 20lb. Cajun Red.
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    You should loosen your drag after each trip, if the drag is left tight it will CUP the washers. The edges will bend and your washer will look like a bowl instead of a flat disc. In order to work properly they must remain flat. I don't feel there is a need to pre-set the drags on my 7000's to a specific number cause on a trip and when fighting a fish you will be moving the drag from tighter to loose many times and its a waste of time to use a scale to keep re-setting them, not to mention a hassle if in a boat or by yourself. Before casting out just tighten the drag till its harder to pull out by hand, when you set the hook keep your thumb on the spool to add a little more tension. If it still slips too much, tighten it up some more, if you break your line loosen it or buy heavier line. When the fish nears the bota or bank loosen the drag and just use your thumb to apply pressure. This way if he makes a last minute surge you won't break off. It just takes catching a few fish and using you drag a few times to get a feel for what you'll need. The biggest thing is don't fret about it just get out and use your reel.