Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6600BCX ?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by kycatman01, May 16, 2009.

  1. kycatman01

    kycatman01 New Member

    I am thinking about getting one of these. Does anyone know anything about them?
  2. Iowa_Josh

    Iowa_Josh New Member

    Central Iowa
    The rounded side plate one is (I've heard) the first ones made in china. I haven't seen a report on the quality yet. I found a pic with a thumb bar with that model number. I bought a walmart version with the thumb bar and it's my parts reel. On that reel, it's hard to press the thumb bar down if there's too much resistance (sinker) on your line. Maybe you could get used to it but I don't need to.

  3. Snagged2

    Snagged2 New Member

    Verde Valley AZ
    I own one, and have used it some, but, I prefer the C3-C4's. IF you can, swing the extra $$,
    There's some differences inside of them, and the C3-4's have a proven performance history.
    However, the fish I caught on the BCX, never knew the difference!!!:wink:
  4. katfish ken

    katfish ken New Member

    I don't know about the 6600 I have never fished with one. I have fished with Ambassadeurs since 1973 and have never had any problems with them.
  5. ghudson434

    ghudson434 New Member

    dont waste the money. i had 3 of the 6600 bcx and the pawl on the levelwind wore out i about 2 months. and the bait clicker broke after about 2 nites fishing. but i fish everyday dureing the spring and summer. go with any of the models that were atually made in sweden. they will last a lifetime.
  6. Swampfox.

    Swampfox. New Member

    your probably gonna see responses to your question from one extreme to the other, for exaple I happen to think its a fine reel if you maintain it ,I have a 5600 and a 6600 and they'll get um in every time.I never had a problem that cleaning and a little oil would't fix. To each his own. ya just gotta find what fits you and what your trying to accomplish.:wink:
  7. mankind

    mankind New Member

    ashland ky
    go with the 6500's c-3 and they will last you a lifetime i have fish them for years. never broke one and i do put one threw its paces:roll_eyes:
  8. Crucial

    Crucial New Member

    Virginia Beach VA
    Depending on the amount of fishing you put it through and the size of course, and the post fishing care you put into it... the BCX is pretty decent reel (as far as the Chinese Abu's go).

    Of course the levelwind is it's weak point.. the composite will ware quicker than the all metal levelwinds, but this can be slowed by poignant care.

    The "thumb bar" is also a plastic composite and will ware and even bind after a few good seasons of use. I avoid the reels with this thumb bar style mechanism for this reason.

    This is not a "trophy" reel or one that I'd use as a die hard cat reel, but would serve it's purpose for a general recreational fishing reel. You can get a better reel for the same money, or just a small amount more.
  9. CatFuStyle

    CatFuStyle New Member

    Xenia, Ohio
    i bought a 6600bcx about 3 months ago and have ran it into the ground putting it through its paces, snow/ice/rain/mud, caught quite a few 10+lbs. channels and a few 10+ lbs. flats, it handled them with ease, it hasnt had to handle a monster yet but i plan on putting it through those paces as well, so far everything is working fine and havnt had a problem yet so i have no complaints, me personally it doesnt matter what you buy, there is always going to be problems with some and no problems with others...jmo...
  10. varmint_sniper

    varmint_sniper New Member

    i have 2 6600 bcx reels i bought 2 yrs ago at wal mart they work well with 20lb berkley big game line and i have caught flatheads up to 40 pounds on them i didnt do it on purpose there my channel cat reels but a flathead 1 night decided my 3 in bluegill looked tastey and took it the drag worked fine, rods held up and fish was landed in apx 20 mins i think there a good reel for the $ and would recomend them to anyone now for my flathead reels iam looking into the 7000is or the 7000c3s but as far as a good reel and will do the job there it and i would try to catch a bigger flattie on them if i could get 1 to hit lol mabey this yr will be it? just my 0.2 for what its worth.
  11. Capn Crunch

    Capn Crunch New Member

    I bought a 6600BCX at Wal Mart awhile ago. I never got to even spool it up much less wet a line. The front tab had a large burr on it. Somehow, I missed this when I looked the reel over after getting it home (you all know the new tackle excitement).

    I put the reel on the reel seat of a Rhino MH rod, and started to secure the front part of the reel seat (an aluminum ring that screws down over the reel). As the ring turned, I noticed it seemed to stop a little short. Assuming it was just a good snug fit, I turned a little harder. Then I noticed the reel was crooked on the reel seat. It took some muscle to unscrew the reel (more than it had to screw it on), and when I did, I found the burr on the reel....and the resulting channel that had been cut out of the aluminum ring. I was able to take the reel back, but was still out a rod. Any product is subject to problems....but you would hope QC would catch large globs of extra metal in critical areas. Of course I missed it too, but then again I wasn't being paid to look for it. I know a lot of guys love them, though. Just my experience, YMMV of course.