Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 10003LP.

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    G'day all,
    this is my first post in the fishing section of the website. Its probbably not in the right forum catagory... :lol:

    I've recently brought an "Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 10003LP Baitcaster" Its normally $100.au but I got it for $60.au.
    I've been looking for a Baitcaster for quite a long time now, and I couldn't pass this chance up. Its pretty small, holds 120yards of 12lb. But I could probbably buy Fire Line any get 120yards of 15lb braided.
    I'll probbably use it for Australian Salmon, Squid, Snapper, Mulloway... maybe. That type of stuff. Now, most of the people on this website aren't from Australia, so you'd probbably have no idea what Australian Salmon and Mulloway are.

    Mulloway: http://fishnet.com.au/default.aspx?id=225

    Australian Salmon: http://fishnet.com.au/default.aspx?id=225

    I've just got a few questions.


    1). What are your thoughts on this nifty little reel. If you've used one of these reels before, or still own and use one. Your opinion is greatly needed.

    2). What did you spool the Ambassadeur with and why?

    3). Are there any glitches with the reel, stuff I should be careful of. Does it jam after a while, little tips and stuff like that.

    4). What are the advantages of the reel.

    5). Do they last a long time, or will I be looking for another one in something like 1- 2 years time.

    A Picture of my Reel: http://www.great-lakes.org/graphics-2/Abu%20Garcia%20Ambassadeur%201003LP.jpg

    Thank you for your time, looking forward to reading your replys.

    Links provided for the Australian Salmon and the Mulloway are from www.fishnet.com.au.​