Abu garcia 7000i vs. 7000c3

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by catchaser1, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. catchaser1

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    Anderson S.C.
    this may be a dumb question but .......... I know the red abu 7000i has one bearing and the silver 7000c3i has 3 bearings, I can get the red one about 45 dollars cheaper. What is the advantages of having 3 bearings instead of 1? I mostly fish the local lake with some pretty good flatheads and blues, and of course Santee.
  2. catBob

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    if money is a problem get the red,s and clean out all the oil off the level wind and bushing which most red ones have and polish the inside of the bushing with a dermal tool and some metal polishing compound and re oil every thing with some good oil i use rocket fuel its good stuff and it will throw just fine but just for your info the new 7000s throw great once u clean the chep oil out of them that abu puts in them good and if all u do is boat fish the red ones will do the job good luck and sorry for the long post

  3. cumberlandcat

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    My bud just bought me a 700c3i for a wedding gift and boy is it a nice reel. I have had a rod I have been waiting to put one on and it is what a garcia is supposed to be
  4. xringer3

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    If you're not concerned about the color of the endplates, just get the red one. You can switch out the spool bushings for bearings for about 10 bucks, then you'll have the C3 in red.
  5. Delisleba

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    The more bearings the reel has the better it will cast most of the time. If casting distance is important I would spend the extra money. The more bearings will also distribute the load better making for a smoother retrieve. I had a red 7000 (the ones just before the new 7000i) it just was not smooth engough for me. I sold it and got a 7000c3i. This real is great, so great in fact i just got me a second one.