Abu Garcia 7000 Lever drag

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Mr Twister, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Mr Twister

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    Toronto, OH
    I'm looking to upgrade to a 7000. Found a couple used lever drags. Have you guys used these? Do they have the same features (adjustable spool break, line out alarm, push button line out, etc) as the other Abus? I am lookng at pics and can't see what the other features are. THanks for your help.

  2. TeamCatHazzard

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    Eric, I love the lever drags personally, I have 2 lever drags and 2 star drags. I like the lever drags because you can loosen it slightly and I fish with little drag then when I get a bite tighten it and set the hook and its much faster with the lever drag. They still have the line out alarms and instead of pushing a button to cast you just slide the lever all the way down and then it freespools. They are really sweet reels and I like them a lot! If anything try one and if it fits your style buy more. I personally love them and highly recommend them! Hope it all works out for ya and good luck! If you have any other questions let me know!

  3. Deltalover

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    Tracy Calif
    I have the 320 penn leverdrag and agree with the above post. The only other differance is that free spool is free spool, you dont adjust the spool tension, but use that thumb screw to preset your drag. Once that is set, the lever controls everything from free spool, light drag setting to max drag to full lock down! These reels need an educated thumb to prevent backlash! I love mine and I am thinking of getting another one a size or two smaller!