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Hello everyone,
I was at Bass pro today and was looking at the 6600bcx how would this compare to the 6500c is the 6600 a better model. Bass pro didn’t carry the 6500c or should I get the catmaxx bait caster instead please help with deciding any input would help I know this is the best place to get the correct info from fellow catmen.
thank you
night catter
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if you going to get a abu make sure it made in sweden
I just bought 2 6600 bcx, one today and one friday, and they both are made in sweden. Now for the fact if they are any good or not I don't know. I haven't got the chance to try them out yet.
and yes they are engineered in Sweden but made in china..(guote straight from the ABU..)
I wonder why they would put "made in sweden" right on the package if they are made in china? Not trying to argue with you, no doubt you know more about them than I do, just wondering.
Yeah my bad, it does say "engineered in sweden" not "made in sweden". I thought it said made. Oh well. I will try mine out for a while if I don't like them I will sell them or take them back whichever.
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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