Abu Garcia 6500CP Rocket

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  1. skyhead

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    So I'm updating my inventory to handle the big guys (looking at getting into flats and blues this year). I was looking at St. Crouix extra heavy musky rods.... Any opinions there? The main question of the thread is ive been having a heavy debate with myself over the Abu Garcia Reels. I thought I had decided on the 7000i until I ran across this.



    Anyone have one? How does it look like it will do on a heavy/extra heavy application. Looking at running 65 or 80 pound braided line.

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  2. alton

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    Welcome to the BOC from Alton, IL.
    I do not have that model, but I do have the 6500 and 7000 Pro Rockets. They are very nice casting reels and with the dual casting controls, you can get very good distance with them. I only bank fish and use 12' rods and #65 Power Pro with mine. You would not regret buying one I am sure. Good luck.

  3. kcgeoff

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    The Abu 6500CP Rocket is a fine reel. But it won't handle heavy current or big cats. You'll be fine if your targeting fish in lakes but if your planning on fishing a big river I would get something with a strong drag. The 7000 is quite a bit tougher and would work better for that.

    I use The Penn GTi series reels. 310GTi, 320GTi, and 320GT2. They are great reel that cast fine and have a lot better drag than the Abu's. Which is essential in the big rivers I typically fish.

    As far as rods. The St Croix are fine rods but over priced in my opinion. I recommend Ugly Stik Tiger or Ugly Stik Big Water rods. They run about $60.
  4. JAinSC

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    South Carolina
    put first name
    Personally, I think the 7000's a bit of overkill and won't balance an outfit on anything but the heaviest rods. I like the 6500's better. As for the drags on them, there are so many upgraded drag washers available for Abu's that that's not an issue to me.

    I don't own any St Croix, but they sound like good rods. I have a couple of muskie sticks (one Shimano and one Garcia) and they both do well and balance well with the 6500's. The 7000's are definitely tougher reels though. If you try to break off a snag with heavy braid on the 6500, don't pull against the drag, use a pair of gloves or a towel and pull directly on the line or you can actually damage the reel.

    Just my opinion.
  5. Flamekeeper

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    Louisville, Ken
    I think the 7000's are great reels. I to like the 6500's, the Record rnc 60 high capacity will pretty much stop any cat that swims lake or river. As for the drags on them, all pro rockets are already upgraded to carbon drag washers.
  6. Snagged2

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    Verde Valley AZ
    The Muskie rod you mentioned is similar to one I have,, rated to about 50#,, I really like it, seems well made, functional, and I feel well equipped with a Abu Garcia 7000 on it, with Carbon fiber drags, and 50# mono..
    I also, have right beside it, a custom rod rated to 30#, with a 6500CS w/ Carbon drags, w30# mono, , Both of those rod/reel/line set-ups seem to fit very nicely in the fishing I do!
    If I could only get the fish to hit the right rig,,, it'd be ALL GOOD, which, really it is!:smile2:
    The point about clickers holding in heavy current is a good one, and even w/ the 7000, I have to engage the spool and set the drag appropriately so the current won't drive me insane with false alarms..but, has to be a fairly strong current.

    I have a sneaky feeling, that sometimes if the bite is light, that sometimes a fish can feel the difference in the tension of the clickers between the 2 reels, and will drop the bait more often on the 7000's, as the springs are a bit stronger on those..
    If I think that's going on, I will hold the rod, with the spool disengaged, no clicker,,, and let'm come and get it..

    Also, a Power handle on the 6500 might be a nice addition.
  7. skyhead

    skyhead New Member

    thats what i liked about the reel i mentioned. it comes with a power handle
  8. Plowboy411

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    this is a cool thread with some good info,,thanks
  9. JimmyJonny

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    I say if you need the line capacity then the 7000 would be a consideration. If not the 6500 hold up great. I use the C3's and I put a hard pounding on them and they have never failed. As far as Penn having a better drag....Abu's now have the " new Carbon Matrix Drag system". Trust me...it works great.

    Honestly I hear people say they wont hold up on big fish but I've yet to hear one person tell a story of it actually happening ??? I don't know what people consider big fish but I sure don't fish for dinks ; )

    Abu C3 with 65# Power Pro

  10. Catfish_Commando

    Catfish_Commando TF Staff Member

    There has been a lot of back-chatter about Okuma(s) Red Isis 400 reel. Supposedly its has all brass/steel gears and 0 plastic gears. I think it comes with an available machine cut aluminum power handle and 4/5 ball bearings with 1 AR bearing.
  11. skyhead

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    Well catfish connectoin describes the 6500cp catfish pro-rocket as having every option a catfisherm could want... What options are these? I see the baitclicker switch is on the side and not the traditional 6500 baitclicker switch. I would think it would have a higher capacity.... So what are the main differences that you can see
  12. slikk03

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    i got a pro rocket, a c3 and a red 6500, the prorocket is alot hever , clikers beter, but my cheap 65oo cast better, but my pro rocket nedds oild and cleand, but i wont mess with them , ill take it apart and never be able to put it back together, you cant beat a pro rocket in my book, , until it needs cleaned, i wish i knew were to get them repared
  13. Gazippoman

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    I don't see enough difference to pay an extra $40 for a pro-rocket.

    I have 5 6500 C3's and 4 6500 C4's that I have spooled with either 20 or 25# mono. The 6500C4 is no longer available...it's now the 6600C4. The C3's have 3 ball bearings and 5.3:1 ratio, while the C4's have 4 BB's and 6.3:1 ratio.

    Two of the c3's are over 15 years old, and with regular oiling/greasing and cleaning, the only thing I've ever had to do to them is replace the pawl on ocassion..and the line!

    My biggest cat is a 56# Blue caught on one of the C3's, with 25# mono on a old Berkely Reflex rod. And my biggest flathead is a 49#er on a C4 and an older BPS CattMaxx rod. The 6500's are PLENTY strong enough for big cats....especially since they're putting carbon drag washers in them now.

  14. shelbygt1979

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    Olathe, KS
    Well for one it comes with a Power handle and it has two brakes on the side like the 7000's do and the one on the left is so much easier to get to then the one under the star drag.IMO

    And right now they have a 20.00 mail in-rebate so it only cost 21.00 dollars (or the cost of a power handle from ABU directly) more then the 6500 c3.
  15. GaryF

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    O.P., KS
    I've got 8 or so 6xxx Abu's, including 2 of the new 6500CP's, an old 6500TCCF "Red Cat", regular 6500 C3, a 6500C4 LE, a 6000B, etc. Main differences I see are..

    Very smooth casting and cranking reel.
    Steel Side Plates, wont get banged up or scratched as easily.
    Noticeably heavier, about 3 oz more than aluminum side plate models.
    Feels sturdier, maybe from the stiffer side plates.
    Dual Cast Controls - much easier to adjust.
    Clicker button is steel vs plastic slider on regular models.
    Highly polished spool and other unpainted parts.
    Power handle.

    I have to agree with KCGeoff in post #3, it's not the reel I would choose for pulling big cats out of heavy current - go bigger, but for lakes or slow rivers it could handle any catfish that swims.
  16. mankind

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    ashland ky
    i have 2 of the pro rocket i love them i also have 3 6500c3s ialso like them i have the pros on e-cat4s with 40 lb line i have the 3s on ecat 3s with 30lb line i feel fine with these set ups:wink: