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I've got a 9000BG but got it for snagging spoonbill, it holds alot of 40 to 50lb test line, and it's got a stronger frame and drag than the 7000s.

However, if you've never used a baitcaster, I defenitely wouldn't start with a 9000 or 10000. They don't have cast brakes in them. I'd start with a 6000/6500 or even a 7000. The 6000 size reels are the easiest to learn to cast of the baitcasters. They're plenty big for catfish too. Just spool it up with good like from 20 to 30lbs, and you've got em licked. I've got reels from 4600 to 7000 I use for bass and catfish. I've never lost a fish because the reel wouldn't bring it in.

It's all on how you fight the fish. If you fight him with the rod, then just about any size reel will do. If you want to crank them in with the reel, then you might as well mount a winch on a fence post or you'll be wearing out reels no matter what they are. A 9000 or 10000 is not overkill, it's just not needed for catfish, and harder to learn to cast to a novice.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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