Abu Dahbi Card:

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    I can't post a link, or c&p anything because for whatever reason, since the changes on this site, I don't have the functions that I used to. ...Don't know why.

    Anyways, UFC is supposed to be about to announce a card in Abu Dhabi, and include alot of big names like Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, Hughes VS. Renzo Gracie...etc. Sounds cool. Something that I found strange, though, is that Flash Entertainment, which is an arm of the Abu Dhabi government, recently purchased 10% of Zuffa. Anyways...check it out. Sorry I can't include more info unless I want to type all night, lol.
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    This is sure to be a really good card. If Im home by then, I plan to buy it. The Silva/Belfort is going to be a really good one I think. I cant call it but I think that Belfort has a really good chance. The Penn/Edgar fight should good too.