ABU 7500 C3 Free Spool Problem

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by vk3em, Nov 14, 2005.

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    Hi All,

    I'm hoping someone can shed some light on my ABU problem.

    I have aquired a 7500 C3, but the free spool mode is not quite right.

    When I push the free spool button in, the spool has a significant amount of brake on it and the brake control knob has no effect on the amount of brake on the spool. This excess brake I am talking about significantly impacts my casting distance. It is not related to the drag setting.

    I have found that if I turn the handle half a turn, the free spool button clicks out 2mm or so (not the full button pop out) and then the brake system works fine, with the brake adjustment working properly. Another half turn of the handle and the free spool button clicks out completely and your back to the normal drag setting.

    Has anyone had this problem before? Can anyone reconmend a place to start looking. I'm suspecting something is not quite aligned correctly.


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    without looking at it ,I would suggest a good cleaning,remove any thick grease you can and wash it out with dw40.then you can check it out for internal problems.If its a used reel ,i'd open it up and wash it out first then go from there,could be that simple.

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    Assuming that the free spool mechanism has completely released when you push the free spool button there are a couple of other areas that can cause drag on the spool.

    1) Check to be sure the spool drag knob on the side plate under the handle and fighting (star) drag is not screwed in tight. It can apply a lot of drag on the spool.

    2) Remove the level wind guide pawl and see if the drag on the spool changes. The level wind can also put a lot of drag on the spool.

    3) On a Garcia reel the centrifugal casting brake pads can get jammed under the side plate when the side plate is reinstalled. Remove the handle side side plate and be sure the brake pad shafts are not bent and the pads are not damaged. When you replace the side plate be sure to push the brake pads as far as you can toward te spool shaft before setting the side plate in place.

    4) I have found short pieces of fish line that have been cut off jammed between the spool and the side plate. You almost have to remove the side plates to be sure.

    5) You just plane flat have a bad spool bearing that wants to lock up.

    In the free spool mode the only moving parts in the reel are the spool, spool bearings, spool shaft and level wind system.

    Hope this helps you identify the problem area.
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    Where do you find a 7500Garcia, never knew they made them.